Bring On the Snow!!!

This weekend I found snow boots.  I’ve been on the search for about three years!  I have a mostly indoor job, and I would like to be able to wear cute shoes for most of the day.  Also, I would love to come to school in the slush and snow without the bottom three inches of my pants soaked and salty.  And, when I’m outside for fun rather than work, I want to keep my feet warm and dry, but still attired in footwear that is attractive.  So I’ve been wanting to find boots that are warm, dry, and cute.  

The reason my search has been three years long is that I procrastinate!  I convince myself that I don’t need them, until I have frozen my toes for a couple of months, by which time stores are stocking spring sandals.  This weekend I was shopping with my sister Sarah, and she was looking for boots.  My thoughts:  “Oh, yeah, I was looking for boots in about February…Well, I don’t need them today, it’s October!…But if I don’t look now, I will go another winter without snow boots…”  And it led to trying on, which led to buying!

Mine are lighter colored than this, but this is the only picture I could find of the style I bought.  They are so, so soft, and toasty warm, and the box claims they will keep my feet dry in the winter mess.  Bring on the snow!

Or…not…at least for awhile!  🙂


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