Sunday Gratitudes

Don’t give up on me, I’m about to come alive.  –“I’m About to Come Alive” by Train


<<FAMILY.  More than words can express.  Sometimes I feel like this adulthood thing is just temporary, that it won’t be long until we’re all under one roof again.  Even though that’s just about the craziest thought I’ve ever had…>>

<<“There was not any sin that was hidden from his sight.”  –Pastor Phil>>

<<“So when that moment comes, and you need to make a committment to press on in the midst of hard times, I want to encourage you with these words.  Don’t you ever, ever, let it slow you down.  Don’t give up hope.  And don’t stop fighting.”  –Nick Jonas>>

<<Apples.  Hundreds of apples.  Apples underfoot and overhead.  More apples than the entire family could consume in a year.>>

<<Hand lotion.  It is definitely the time of year to be thankful for hand lotion!>>


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