The Smallest Children

Let me preface this by saying that when I bring my soapbox to this blog, it is not a judgement of others’ choices.  I have my opinion, and as strong as I might be in my opinion, it’s just that…an opinion.  You are entitled to your own.  Of course.

I do not like the idea of in vitro fertilization.  This article shows you one of the many reasons why.  Implanted with the wrong embryo???  Can you imagine the pain those two mothers are being put through?  The fact that it’s even possible to implant an embryo into the wrong mother…If you ask me, human life is too important to be subjected to those kinds of mistakes.  And do you think the same mistake has ever been made, but not discovered? 

The idea of “leftover” embryos really bothers me as well.  One, what happens when the couple is finished having children, to any remaining embryos?  (Aka, children?)  Two, it is my understanding that embryos are conceived all at the same time, and then one “batch” can be saved and used for several pregnancies.  So, my question is about age.  If you have one child now, and one child in three years, they are three years apart, even though they have both been alive the exact same amount of time.  It’s weird.  And, what is that little person doing before he or she is implanted?  Not growing.  Not taking in nutrition or expending energy.  It’s weird.  And theoretically, how long could an embryo be “stored” and still be a viable pregnancy?  I’m telling you, IT’S WEIRD!!! 

And what about how you implant, like, six embryos and end up with twins or triplets, or even a single baby?  That’s several children who are lost.  This one is a little vague for me, because we don’t know how many naturally conceived embryos never implant, and I wouldn’t call that a sad thing, because it’s just what happens.  The mothers never know about those children, and I know that they are in God’s hands.  But it’s an uncomfortable thought that all those embryos are implanted with the likelihood of how many will not make it already factored in.

Here’s the big question…  If God intended life to be created in a certain way, then why does in vitro work???  We shouldn’t be able to conceive a child in a petrie dish.  They shouldn’t be able to implant and become full-term pregnancies resulting in normal, healthy babies.  It shouldn’t result in life at all!  Why does it work???

This last point is all me, no factual information whatsoever.  But I think that for me, I never want to try to get pregnant or try not to get pregnant, much less do in vitro.  Even natural family planning feels a little bit like trying to control God, in my opinion.  I feel like it’s not my business to “plan” my family.  Children are a gift from God, and it feels like it would be…more than rude…dishonoring to try to take from God what it is his perogative to give me, or not.  If I didn’t get pregnant, it would be hard.  If I got pregnant several times very close together, that would also be a hard period of time, having several very small children to raise all at once.  But either way, it’s not up to me.  (Which could be one reason I’m not married yet.  If I had gotten married at 22, I could easily have four children by now, and be nowhere near finished!  God just might be saying, “No 18 kids for you!”  🙂  )  I would totally be into adopting, but I don’t think I want to do anything medically to “encourage” pregnancy, even if that would be the only way I would ever get pregnant.

And I reserve the right to change my mind when the time comes.  But I doubt that I will.  We’ll see.  🙂


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  1. Becky
    Sep 27, 2009 @ 19:14:33

    Did you know:

    The Catholic church is against in vitro?

    Some women do lose embryos that implant, and who have known they are pregnant –> miscarriage.

    Of course, you are also right with the lost embryos before knowledge of pregnancy.

    NFP = I love it, we use it. It works – though my body is still messed up with breast feeding, so it’s probably not working as it should right now – I never have a clue what my body is doing. It’s getting better….slowly!

    Sure it maybe feel like trying to control God, but didn’t God create our bodies to work this way also? So isn’t it also just understanding what God gave us? 🙂

    And you TOTALLY need to have 18 kids! You’ll be such a good mom! 🙂


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