The First First Grade Story

I don’t know why I expected the “funny kid stories” to disappear with the move to 1st grade!…

We were having a social studies discussion about families, and we were talking about how I’m a part of a family, even though I don’t live with my mom and dad, or a husband.  Little boy CV said, “You’re not married?  But you have a ring!”  I said that it was just for decoration.  He said, “Oh, right, because if you’re married, that kind of ring has a big jewel on it, right?”  That’s right, buddy, a BIG jewel!  Remember that in a couple decades, okay?  🙂

And a couple of lingering preschool stories from last spring that have been sitting in my drafts:

Little girl J:  “Teacher, read me a stirry.”

“I like the drink from the moo.”  (And she likes “quacks” and “ribbits,” too.  Are you picturing all these animals?)

Little boy E: (Holding out a toy for me to see)  “Teacher, look, he have swings.”  Swings?  “Yeah, swings!”  What?  “You know!  (Flaps his arms wildly like a bird at his sides) Swings!!!”

<<I am grateful for: understanding parents of 1st graders….”Turn Right” by the Jonas Brothers….that Chad’s not here to scold me for all the shoes sitting by my door!….my awesome new phone….Scooters Carmelicious Smoothies>>


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  1. Doris Jacobs
    Sep 25, 2009 @ 17:02:15

    I think some of the funniest kid stories come from the Junior High years


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