More Dreams


Last night I dreamed that Travis (the band) made me their drummer.  It was a spur of the moment thing, and I had time to listen to one song before we took the stage, so I totally had to wing it.  And in my dream, I knew as much about playing drums as I do in real life…a substantial amount in theory, but very little in practice.  It was a very, very scary dream. 

(Don’t laugh…you weren’t there…)  🙂


Then I got up in the wee hours to take some friends to the airport, and I got home at 5:00 a.m. and decided to lay down for another “nap” before I had to get ready for the day.  And in that portion of sleep, I dreamed another anxiety-ridden dream, the plot of which I can’t remember, even though the emotion is still with me.  Perhaps I owned a clothing store?…I don’t remember.


Please, please, please, when can I have a night of sleep with good dreams?  Or no dreams?  (Ha!)  I always dream, and I always have dreams with the strangest plots.  But most of the time, they are good.  These dreams with anxiety-ridden emotions attached to them are the ones that make me feel like I wasn’t really sleeping.  I know I have this backward, but it feels like all the dreams are the cause of my anxiety. 


I just walked the dog a little while ago, and the moon was full and bright, and the crickets and locusts were really singing.  There are CDs available of “white noise,” to help you sleep.  They sound like a shower, or the ocean, or what have you.  The sound that would be most effective for me would be a CD full of crickets and locusts, maybe breeze through the trees.  I know why, of course…Those are the sounds I have slept to since I was born.  No air conditioner, therefore all the windows were always open during the spring, summer, and fall.  Locusts singing is the most peaceful sound I can think of, no lie.  Even in the winter, if I think of that sound, I automatically relax and breathe.  So I’m holding that sound in my mind, not to be displaced by the dishwasher, the central air, or the traffic.  Maybe I can get a peaceful night of sleep tonight.


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  1. Doris Jacobs
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 10:34:50

    I know someone does make the cricket sounds CD. I have heard it but can’t place just where. I still think it is not the same as window open, slight breeze, crickets, frogs, and other night noises. Some things can not be artificially recreated, God does it better.
    Love you


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