Heavenly Wondering

This is something I’ve been thinking about posting on my blog for a long time, but I never really looked for it, to see if I could find a youtube clip.  It’s the Gloria from the Mass of Light, by David Haas.  It is one that my choir uses quite a lot, but not this summer, for some reason.  I’m missing it.  As I expected, the youtube clip doesn’t even do it justice.  First of all, in my choir we start with the piano part and then add the singing.  I love the piano part, it’s so majestic and glorious.  We do it all four-part choral (no solos), and we take it a bit faster than this.  And, oh yes, it’s live.  Even before I joined the choir, I felt like this Gloria just fills the church with the sounds of joy.

Singing the Mass of Light Gloria, with the choir, in my church…  It’s my favorite thing ever.  And the minute I make that statement, a hundred questions ask themselves.  Is it better than chocolate?  Is it better than sunshine?  Is it better than sex?  Is it better than…  I can’t answer those questions.  Not because I don’t know.  A very worldly, reality-driven asnwer is, well, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.  But if I tell you that, you’ll miss the point.  My true, eternal-perpsective answer is, yes.  It’s better to sing to God than to do anything else on the planet.

The point is, I wonder if, for me, singing the Mass of Light Gloria is the closest thing to Heaven I’ll get to see on this side of eternal life.  Scripture tells us (in Revelation, I think?) that the faithful surround the throne of God, singing praise and worship to Him.  The small piece that we get to know about heaven is that it will be perfect, and it will be perfect because we are with God, forever.  Everything else will fade away.  Chocolate, and sunshine, and sex, and anything else that you might have been able to put in that question as your own doubts, all of those wonderful things about life here will mean nothing to us when we come face to face with life there, in God’s presence.  It’s not for me to know right now if singing the Gloria is any small reflection of the joy of heaven, or if any part of the joy I experience on earth will even be a breath of a shadow of heavenly joy.  Heaven is one thing I can’t plan and consider until I know what to expect.  So I don’t know, I don’t think…I just wonder.


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