Green Smoothie 101

In case you’re curious, and want to see the whole process in action…


To make a green smoothie:


Cut up whatever fruit you want and put it in the blender.  Add greens.  Start with a handful or two.  As you get more used to the green smoothies, you will be able to add many, many more handfuls without feeling like your smoothie tastes “green.”  Add water, and a splash of orange juice if you want to sweeten it up a little.  (I used peaches, blueberries, and spinach.)



Blend.  Add more water if the stuff on top doesn’t seem to want to swirl down to the bottom of the blender.  Dip a spoon into the smoothie to taste it, if you’re worried, and add more juice if it’s not sweet enough for you, or more water if it tastes too sweet.  (I never do that, I just drink it how it turns out and adjust the next time, if I need to.)




You know, I love berries in my smoothies, but the smoothie turns out much prettier when you “embrace the green,” and just add fruits that won’t add too much color!  Banana, pear, and greens make the prettiest green smoothie.  Blueberries, blackberries…they sort of make it brown, don’t they?  🙂


There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to making green smoothies.  It’s just like anything else, practice makes perfect.  You’ll figure out how much water to add, how much greens you can enjoy, etc.  The first green smoothie you make will probably turn out a little strange, and if you try again another day, it will be better, and so on.  The things I’ve learned:  Fresh fruit tastes much better than frozen.  A smoothie with banana feels “creamier,” a smoothie with no banana feels “juicier.”  A splash of orange juice tastes good, more than a splash is too much.  Don’t be afraid to add more water.  A peach always makes it yummy!  And, if you can’t wash your blender right away, for the sake of all that is holy, at least rinse it out!  🙂

This particular batch was meant to be huge, because I was packing some to take with me for the weekend.  So I added a lot more of everything than usual.  Usually, if I stick to two servings of fruit, it makes about two big glasses of smoothie, which is perfect for breakfast.  This smoothie had three peaches and about 1 1/2 cups of blueberries, plus as many greens as I could pack into the top of the blender.  I drank that glass that day, and took three 16-oz bottles with me for the weekend.  On a regular morning, I would probably use one peach and about 1/2 cup of blueberries. 


The weekend that I made this batch of smoothies, I participated in my friend’s bachelorette party on Saturday night.  Usually after I drink, I don’t sleep well, and I don’t feel the best the next morning, likely thanks to the horrible night of sleep.  That Saturday night (early Sunday morning) when we got back to the hotel, before I went to sleep I drank one of the green smoothies I had brought.  I immediately felt better, I slept great, and I felt great the next morning.  I can’t speak for green smoothies in general, as I haven’t had an opportunity yet to try this trick again.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if the water, fiber, and other nutrients really helped clear the alcohol from my system.  That’s the magic of the green smoothies!


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