The Twilight Saga, Take 2


Last night, by the way, I dreamed I was doing dishes.  All night.  Never ending washing dishes.  Ugh.

So, I finished the Twilight series this afternoon, for the second time.  I read a little faster the second time through, skimming some of the backstories and whatnot, because those are four long books, and I wanted to make sure I finished before school started.  (A week to spare…no problem!)  On the other hand, some parts I think I read more slowly.  The entire first book, I know I read more slowly.  And the first and last thirds of the last book.  (If you’ve read them, you know what I mean.)  Somehow, when I know how it’s going to turn out, it’s like freedom to enjoy the experience.  The first time I read them, I felt a crazy urgency to keep going, keep finding out more.  At the same time, the stories are so…big, I guess, complex, surprising…that I sometimes had to stop and just let the story settle in my mind before I continued.  But I couldn’t stop for long, I had to know what happens next!  The second time, I already know what happens next.  I could read and experience and enjoy the current moment, because I knew the resolutions would come in their proper times.

I am looking forward to more movies based on the books, but they will never, ever match the gloriousness of the stories told in book form.  I really enjoyed the first movie; it was nice to put faces and voices to characters that I couldn’t picture.  They did a fantastic job, in my opinion, with the soundtrack, and when I got to certain parts of the story the second time through, I immediately had just the right song in my head.  Even the score music was great.  But you just can’t get inside Bella’s head in a movie the way you can in a book.  The book takes, maybe, 14 hours to read?  The movie is over in two.  I can’t imagine that the movie alone, without having read the story first, could make you adore Bella and Edward and their fate.  I would be interested to hear what people thought, who have seen the movie but have not read the books?

It’s been how many weeks now that I’ve been pretty much obsessed with these books?  It’s like when the Olympics were over…Now what am I supposed to do with my free time?  🙂


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