Anxious, Anxious, Anxious…

Wow, you type that word enough, you start to think you’re spelling it wrong.  A-N-X-I-O-U-S, right?  Haha.

Today is Thursday, so that’s four nights in a row that I’ve had strange dreams.  Sunday night, all the preschool teachers and paras were mad at me for leaving them.  Monday night, giant bugs.  Thanks, no doubt, to the three giant bugs that we found in our classroom on Monday morning.  Tuesday night, strange dreams about non-school things that I’ll keep to myself, thank you.  😛  And last night, vivid dreams about vampires, car accidents (Sarah and Christine, are you okay in real life???), and the huge disorganized mess that is my classroom.

Last night was the only night that it was the kind of dreams that make me wake up feeling like I never slept.  It’s not supposed to start yet!  I still have a week and a half until I’m officially back to school, and I don’t want to start with the pre-first-day stress yet!  I know what those days will feel like, after a few sleepless nights and restless dreaming…

Maybe if I reject the reality for a few more days.  Embrace summer.  Ignore anything school-related.  I’ll just be postponing the inevitable, but if it works, I’ll sleep better for another week!!!

If it doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to throw myself into my job once again, embrace the reality that is the busy first few weeks of school, and look forward, sleepily, to the day when I’ve settled into first grade and my dreams go back to their normal, strange, but not exhausting selves!

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