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Keep reading, I’m not going to spoil anything!!!

I finished the Twilight saga.  Page 754 of Breaking Dawn, finished at about 1:00 this afternoon.  I did not, as I had expected, stay awake until I finished.  I read until about 1:30 this morning, though!  And then again from about 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., taking breaks here and there to eat, take a shower, walk around and let the story settle, etc.  Approximately 2400 pages of being completely engrossed in the story of a world where vampires and werewolves and humans exist together, whether they know about each other or not. 

I want to tell you all about it.  I’m so tempted just to put at the top of this post, “Twilight spoilers below,” and leaving it up to you.  I changed my mind as I was reading Stephenie Meyer’s author site, and on the Breaking Dawn page she describes why she didn’t want to accidentally spread spoilers all over the world:

Breaking Dawn was meant to be experienced in a certain way, and I would hate for someone to get that experience ruined by seeing something online they didn’t want to see.

I get that.  In fact, I was reading the FAQ pages for the first two books while I was in the middle of the third book, and right away I realized I wanted to stay away from the last two FAQ pages until I was done with those books, as well!  I burn with curiosity, I have such a hard time not spoiling the end for myself when I know I could learn so much more about the story and the characters by reading what the author has to say.  In fact, with these books there was actual physical temptation to go read the last page!  🙂  A couple of times I flipped to the last page just to read the page number and see how far I had to go, and it was so difficult for my eyes to stay away from the words!  It’s so hard, keeping a secret from myself!!!

But, I did.  I experienced the whole saga just as Ms. Meyer intended.  (Probably a little faster than others, since the books came out over a timespan of about 4 years, and I read them all in the last few weeks!)  But I didn’t know anything more than the book jacket told me when I started each book, and it was so worth it!  So I’m leaving you entirely in the dark.  If you choose to read the saga, I’m not going to be the one who spoils any part of the experience for you.

I am going to tell you the reasons, I think, that these books engrossed me so entirely.  One, Bella.  The main character is so much a reflection of me in ways I can barely articulate.  How she sees herself is much different from how others see her.  I feel the same, all the time.  I hear what someone says about me, and I think, who?  Me?  How did they get that idea?  I adore Bella.  I almost can’t wait to start again, experience her entire adventure all over again.

Reason two, music.  In each book, Ms. Meyer thanks the bands who have inspired her, and her taste in music is right in line with mine.  If you aren’t passionate about music the way that I am, you might not understand this.  But the music I listen to influences everything that goes on in my head, and therefore how I perceive everything that goes on outside of my head as well.  Every day of my life, there is at least one song, or even just a snippet of a song,  that is like the soundtrack of my life, and no one on the outside of my head would ever know it.  (Today, FYI, it’s “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.  Yesterday it was the first five songs on Cradlesong by Rob Thomas.  Saturday, “Flightless Bird American Mouth” by Iron and Wine.)  And so, the music in my head affects not only what goes on in my head, but also what comes out of my head, what I say and do and create.  I think, the way that Ms. Meyer talked about the music she listened to while writing, that her passion for music works the same way.  And, it’s the same “feel” of music as I would have chosen to listen to, so the “feel” of the story fits right into the “feel” of the soundtrack in my head.

Reason three, which is a loose theory with no basis in anything, and feels somewhat related to the music thing, the need to create.  Artists, musicians, authors, I think it’s a similar thing that is desired.  The thing being, having something inside of you that you want to let out, that you know if you could just find the right medium it would spill out of you effortlessly and make something beautiful.  It is hard to articulate, and I don’t know if it happens to everyone, or just people with an artistic brain of sorts.  (I hope it happens to everyone, because it is wonderful!)  What I do know is, it has happened to me over and over since I was little.  Every time I stopped reading, to go to sleep for the night or eat a meal or take a shower, I felt that thing growing stronger, something that will eventually pour out of me in one form or another.  Immediately upon finishing the last book, I am in the mood to start NaNoWriMo already!  So that gives me one clue: this thing will be in the form of writing.  I don’t know what the story will be yet.  It won’t be about vampires.  🙂  It will be something…new.  My own creation.  Though, it feels weird to say that, because I won’t do it on purpose.  It will just come pouring out one day.  No novel, in my recollection, has ever made me feel that way before.  Songs, lots and lots of songs, the occasional t.v. show or movie, but never a novel.  Sometimes a random experience that seemed to come from nowhere inspirational at all…remind me to tell you about my collage sometime. 

(NaNoWriMo=National Novel Writing Month, aka, write 50,000 words between November 1st and 30th, for no good reason other than your own life experience.  I’ve tried twice, 2005 and 2006.  Or maybe 2006 and 2007.  I didn’t accomplish 50,000 words either year.  I’m ready to try again.)

And reason four that I think I connected so much with the Twilight story: I’m a sucker for a love story of the all-consuming variety.  🙂


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  1. Mom
    Jul 20, 2009 @ 22:13:34

    I think you have an artistic personality which explains a bit why you are you! Love you!


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