An Unresolved Issue

The last time I was considering buying a house was almost exactly two years ago!  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  When I realized I was itching to look at houses again, I was appalled at myself just because I really believed this was a “resolved issue.”  Well…it was a resolved issue…two years ago!

When I have to renew my lease every so often, it’s never going to be a permenantly resolved issue.  Anytime I have to renew a contract of any kind, of course I’m going to consider the option of not renewing it, or changing course in some way.  For example, five years in a row I’ve signed a teaching contract with the same school district.  But just receiving the new, unsigned contract is enough for me to think about whether or not this is still the right path, no matter how definite my “yes” is.

In this post from July 2007, I explained that I asked God if I should buy a house, and He said no.  I felt a little silly about telling the world, because it sounds so simplistic.  But I can’t ignore my gut feelings about things, and I consider those feelings to be God placing thoughts in me that He wants me to be unable to ignore. 

So today, I asked God if now is the time I should buy a house.  And I felt, clear as day, the answer:  It is not time for you to know that yet.  But it is time for you to get ready.

And so, I will.  I will continue saving.  I will clarify my “must-haves,” which, if I’m going to do this alone, will be a little more strict than if I had a partner to provide a second income and a “buddy” for the challenges of home ownership.  I might just go talk to those Wells Fargo people and see just how close I am to being financially prepared.  And of course, I’m going to keep looking at houses online!  For fun, of course, but the second reason being that the market has changed drastically since July of 2007, and I want to have a good idea of what I should be able to buy when the time comes, and also a sense of how the market changes between now and then, in case the values start going back up and I want to get in before they go up too far.

But still, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!  🙂


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