A Pep Talk

ultimate 1

(Darn it anyway, my silly virus protection thinks Facebook is a problem, and keeps advising me to close the window!  And not knowing anything about it, I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I do it.  I was looking for a good action shot from ultimate frisbee, and this is the best I found, blurry though it may be, in my hurry to do it before my virus protection software kicked in.  And I’m not even in this shot, so you have no reason to believe me, but that is actually “us,” my friends and our field and our game of ultimate from sometime last summer.)

I thought I should give myself a little pep talk tonight, for when the motivation to stay in a healthy habit of exercising wears off, so I can remember what I feel like right now.  Ultimate frisbee was great tonight!  It was in the 80s, and not too humid.  Generally, that is much hotter than I care for it to be when I’m running around outside, and tonight was no different.  60 or 65 would be perfect.  Although, I did appreciate the lack of humidity.  Thank you, God, for a beautiful evening! 

My point is, despite the heat, I noticed that I had much more energy tonight than I expected.  Unlike other Mondays this summer so far, I wanted to play that one last game, rather than hoping it got done quickly so we could go to dinner.  My theory…my habit of exercising is starting to take!  🙂  It was worth it to get up on Saturday morning and run on the treadmill in the hotel fitness center.  It was worth it to go to yoga last week, and struggle through moves that I can’t do as well as I could when I was doing yoga a few times a week.  It is worth it to work through this phase of exercise being uncomfortable, because pretty soon it’s going to be pleasurable, like it was this evening.  It will feel better to run than not to run.  It will feel better to do yoga than not to do yoga.  I miss that place of fitness, and I’m so glad I caught a glimpse of it tonight!  I can’t wait for more!

Here’s where the pep talk comes into play…  (I’m talking to myself here, by the way!)  Remember, to get to that place and stay there, you have to work out regularly!  Just playing frisbee once a week is not going to do it.  You have to go run, or go to the gym, or ride your bike, or go to yoga.  You have to get your heart pumping and your muscles working.  And it’s not going to be your favorite thing to do every day, but it’s just like brushing your teeth, you have to do it anyway.  Even if it’s not your favorite thing to do, it won’t be an unpleasant thing to do, and you’ll be glad you did it!  You would never not brush your teeth, don’t not work out!!!

Pep talk finished.  Go to bed!!!


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