San Diego…Part 5

Last Tuesday was our last day in San Diego.  After a little bit of the usual debate over what we should do that day… (I don’t care, I’m up for whatever…No, I don’t care, you can decide where we go…No, you decide…No, you!…)  They made me the “boss.”  🙂  Ugh.  I never want to be the decision-maker, and I don’t know why.  Nonetheless, there I was, the boss for the day.  So I suggested we go to the beach again.  We had done everything that I wanted to do in San Diego, and my favorite thing had been the ocean.  We had also been talking about a sandwich place called Submarina, so we decided to stop there to get a picnic lunch to take with us.  We headed out to Mission Beach, and found a place to sit and eat.


After our lunch, Jessica and I went in search of more seashells for Christine.  We found tons!  No searching required.  I just had to look down.  We collected a handful, and rinsed the sand off.


I also took a few more pictures of the ocean, including what has turned out to be my favorite:


A little bit later, Dave and I got a little bit more frisbee in before we had to head to the airport:


Then, the sad, sad part of the trip.  Jessica dropped us off at the airport.  Our famous last words as we hugged goodbye: “I’m not crying.”  “Me either.”  Sigh…  It was so wonderful to get to see her for six days in a row, and it was so sad to leave.

And soon, the end-of-vacation exhaustion set in.  Notice Dave, fast asleep, snoring away, and notice our plane pulling up to the gate:


(Okay, fine, he wasn’t snoring.  But it would have made a funnier story…)  🙂

He’s lucky to have me around.  If it hadn’t been for me, he would still be in San Diego.  🙂 

It was a wonderful trip!  I hope to go back again, and most importantly, I look forward to visiting Jessica wherever she might live.

Wow, six days of blogging about my vacation.  What in the world am I supposed to blog about tomorrow???


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