San Diego…Part 4

Wow, this is turning into quite a long story!  🙂

Monday was the day that Jessica, Dave, and I took a trolley tour of San Diego.  The trolleys stopped at various locations, and you could get off and on as you please, all throughout the day.  When you were on the trolley, the driver was also a tour guide, talking about San Diego and its history and many attractions.

At the first stop, we got off the trolley and walked to see the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier that has been decommissioned and is now a museum.  We decided not to go inside for the museum, but we did walk around the Midway on the shore.  It is huge!  I can’t believe it can float.  At the same time, it’s much smaller than the airport, and I can’t believe planes can land on it!


Across the bay was docked an aircraft carrier that is still used by the Navy, the USS Nimitz, and I took a picture just so I could have a picture of an entire aircraft carrier:



Near the Midway, there was a statue of that famous picture of the kiss between a sailor and a nurse.  Jessica and I couldn’t resist, we had to look and see:


(For you who might be similarly curious, there was no underwear, there was no “not underwear,” there was just statue.)  🙂

The trolley tour took us over the Coronado Bridge, to the “island” (actually a peninsula) of Coronado.  It was difficult to get a good shot of the view while on a moving trolley, but I gave it a try:


On the island, we went to the Hotel Del Coronado…one of the “1000 Things You Have To See Before You Die.” 


One down, 999 to go!


The beach was beautiful, of course.  We saw a sailboat and a couple of kite-boarders on the water.  Kite-boarding fascinates me.  Dave has done it before, so he told me a little bit about what it is.  Basically, a person has a kite above them and a board below them.  (Like you couldn’t have gotten that from the phrase “kite-boarding”…)  They hang onto the string and steer their movement through the water by steering their kite.  Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in the kite-boarders to remember my camera.  (Do you see a theme throughout this vacation?  “I wish I had taken a picture of…”  But we’ll come back to that thought later.)  But I did get some good pictures of the sailboat:


And we could see Mexico:


I took a nice, if a little tipped, picture of the San Diego skyline on the trolley going back across the Coronado Bridge:



After the trolley tour, we hung out at Jessica & Chris’s house until Chris and Jeff were done with their respective jobs for the day.  We watched The Dark Knight and relaxed.  Then when we were all together again, the five of us went out for dinner at a wonderful place that I can’t remember the name of.  But possibly the most entertaining part of the evening…


Jessica’s dog, Maggie, was intently focused on this one ball.  Over and over again, she would let that ball go under the couch, and then she couldn’t get it.  So she would whine to various people in the room until someone got it out for her.  In this picture, you can see Jessica, Maggie, and Jeff all intently focused on the ball that is under the couch.  🙂

You know, there are lots of places in the story where I could say, “I wish I had taken a picture of…”  But the thing is, I’d rather have been there than have a picture of it!  For example, watching the kite-boarders.  I’d rather have the experience of watching them, really seeing them, than to run and get my camera and try to get a good picture.  I have a few pictures of the sailboat, and I love the pictures, but I can tell the difference between those two memories.  I was focused on trying to get a good picture of the sailboat, and I feel like I missed out on watching it.  It was really moving along, and very close to shore, and I could have just watched it, experienced that, rather than tried to get a little rectangular image to keep forever. 

Besides, who am I taking pictures for?  (For whom am I taking pictures?  Grammar police, where are you when I need you!)  If they’re for me, fine, I do like looking at them.  But the fact that I didn’t take a picture of something doesn’t mean I didn’t see it.  My memories are not limited to the pictures that I have.  Thus, my desire to write about the trip, so I don’t forget anything!  Or, if the pictures are for you, others who weren’t there but might like to look…I hope you enjoy them.  I certainly love to look at other people’s vacation pictures!  But I can’t recreate for you the eperience of being on the beach, or the experience of being on top of the Coronado Bridge, or the size of the Midway, or the feeling of the air, or the sound the kelp bubbles make when you step on them…  You can look at my pictures and experience those wonderful feelings if this is somewhere in your previous experience.  But before this trip, I could have looked at picture after picture of the ocean, and I would not have known the feeling of getting toppled by a salt-water ocean wave.  I have to go, and I have to do, and I have to experience.  All the pictures in the world can’t replace that.

Finally, tomorrow, Part 5, the conclusion of our trip!


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