San Diego…Part 3

Sunday started with church services with Jessica and Chris.  We learned from the movie The Dark Knight about how to be a person of God in a world filled with evil.  The worship band was fantastic.  I would pay money to see them in concert!  🙂

I have precious few pictures from Sunday.  Let that be a lesson to you, if you go on vacation with me, remind me to use that small rectangle thing that’s in my purse, called a camera!!!

After church, we went out for brunch at Chris and Jessica’s favorite restaurant.  Great French toast, great eggs benedict, great orange juice, and DELICIOUS waffles!  (I think this was mostly a food vacation…)

In the afternoon, we met Dave and Jeff at Balboa Park.  The first thing we did there was watch part of an organ concert.  There is this huge, beautiful outdoor organ.  After the concert, they invited people to come up and tour the inside of the organ, and I totally forgot about it.  Next time I’m in San Diego, that is something I’m going to do!!!


(No, really, it’s huge!  Click on the picture to see it a little closer to its actual size!)

When we left the organ concert, we went to the international cottages and samples some treats from other countries.  I had German apple strudel, and a Swedish dessert of some kind, and lemonade from a house (maybe Polish?) that didn’t seem to be serving its ethnic treat.  The “treat” from the China house was to get your name written in Chinese, so Jessica and Chris now have a little wall hanging that says their last name in Chinese characters.  At least, we trust that it says their last name.  How would we ever know otherwise?

Following the international cottages, we split into two smaller groups.  Balboa park is huge, and I feel like I missed out on what the other group saw, but I also feel like they missed out on what we saw.  I’m telling you, one afternoon is not enough for that place!

First it was off to a sports museum of some kind.  It wasn’t as impressive as it was cracked up to be, but a couple of things were quite interesting to me.  One was this racing boat thing that went 110 miles an hour in 1975.  Amazing!  Another interesting display was a model of San Diego’s first minor league baseball field, Lane Field.  The sign said it was eventually “abandoned to termites” and a new stadium was built.  Also, after they stopped using it, they discovered that it was a few feet smaller than regulation, all those years!  And the third thing I thought was cool was the museum’s display of atheltes of the month.  High school athletes from around the city are chosen, and their picture, autograph, and jersey are displayed in the museum.  That would be pretty neat for a high school recognition of accomplishment, I think.

Next, we walked in the direction of some of the other museums, but they were closing for the day.  We looked at the sculptures in the sculpture garden.  Then we walked over and peeked at the shows playing at the Old Globe Theatre, and walked through a beautiful and aromatic flower garden.  And we walked to the lawn bowling area and watched some teenagers learn how to lawn-bowl.  We paused in a little area honoring the founding fathers of Balboa park, and Dave attempted to argue with one of them:


After that we found some fun trails to wander through, and it was a beautiful walk.  It felt somewhat “wilderness,” not very urban!  When I go back to Balboa park, I would love to spend some more time exploring them!

And it was back to the organ to meet the rest of the group.  Jessica had gotten me a balloon flower, and I admired it and gushed over her thoughtfulness, and then I attempted to set the flower down beside me.  POP!  Suddenly, it was just a stem.  How sad.  😦  We sat and rested awhile, and discussed things like how Jessica and Chris can get free Rosetta Stone software and free military flights, how high planes fly, what colors are in the rainbow, what colors Jeff can see in a rainbow, and whether or not planes actually release their pee while flying through the sky.  (I’m not sure I believe the guys, but you don’t want to know what they said about it!)

When we felt rested, we decided to go back to Old Town and try another Mexican restaurant.  The one we wanted had a long wait, so it was back to Fred’s.  🙂  Once again, I had the vegetarian quesadilla and the pomegranite margarita.  Hey, when you find a good thing, you hold onto it!  🙂  However, for some reason the margarita seemed huge and I didn’t really want to finish it.  I offered it to Dave, and he suggested, “Let’s fishbowl it!”  He and Jeff are looking at each other over my head, and I know something is up.  So I said, “I’ve never heard of ‘fishbowling’ a drink…”  The famous last words that always get me in trouble.  I’ve never done that before.  🙂  Dave explained that everyone puts a straw in and drinks all at the same time.  I’m thinking, wonderful, they can drink, I’ll just sip and they’ll finish my margarita…


Notice me watching Dave’s straw intently???  Yeah, that would be those two naughty boys trying to make me finish the drink I’m trying to give away!  🙂 

Okay, sidenote for those who might be concerned…Mom, Grandma, aunts: I have been familiar with the “evils of alcohol” for some years now.  This was my one and only alcoholic beverage that particular night.  And Dave and Jeff are good guys, it was all in good fun, and I know from experience that Dave would protect me from doing anything stupid when I am drunk.  And I am a responsible young lady, remember?

All that being said, I did eventually give up and finish my own margarita.  🙂

Up next…the trolley tour!


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  1. Mom
    Jun 22, 2009 @ 20:09:10

    I also know Jessica would watch out for you too!


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