San Diego…Part 2

On Saturday morning, Jessica and I met Dave and Jeff for lunch, and then we went to the beach.  FINALLY, this is the second-most-important reason I came!!! 

(The most important, of course…to see my friend Jessica!)

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Our view of the ocean from our perfect table on the roof of the restaurant:


We were searching for swimmers and surfers in the water, to prove that it was, in fact, warm enough to go in!  I had let myself fall into the usual trap of I don’t want to be out of place, so when Jessica said she wasn’t going to swim, I didn’t wear my swimsuit, either.  What was I thinking???  🙂  This is my first time to see the ocean, ever!!!  OF COURSE I’m going in!!!  🙂  Of course Jessica is not going in, it’s about 67 degrees, and she can go to the beach anytime she wants!  But this is my one chance!!!  By the time we met Dave and Jeff at Jeff’s apartment, I had realized this, of course, and so Jeff kindly lent me some swim shorts (okay, more like capri pants on me) to wear instead of my jean capris.  But first, Jessica and I waded in together, and Dave took some pictures, and I finally had my long-desired experience with the ocean…






(I love that last picture, from above like that.  Good idea, Dave.)

And then I changed into my borrowed “swim-capris” and separated some layers so that I would have something dry to put on later, and convinced Dave that it wasn’t too cold, we should go in.  (He’s so nice.  It was pretty chilly.)  🙂  It was like swimming in a lake…colder than a pool, but once you get in, you’re fine.  But it was so much fun!  We played with the waves and watched body surfers and body-boarders.  I got dunked by a couple of waves, but it was no big deal.  I don’t know how long we stayed out there, but at the time I felt like I could stay out there for a few hours!  So Dave and I (the Nebraskans) swam, while Jessica and Jeff (the San Diegans) laid on the blanket and marveled at our bravery in the chilly 69-degree wintry weather!  🙂 

Afterward, Dave put on his sweatshirt, hat, and covered with a couple of towels on the blanket.  I just laid on the blanket, hoping the sunshine would dry me off and make me warmer.  I think we all shut our eyes for a little while.  The next thing I know, I open my eyes and Dave is sitting up and looking at me. 

“Yes, Dave?”

“Do you want a blanket?”

“No, I want the sunshine to dry my clothes.  Why do you think I want a blanket?”

“Well, I think, she’s just laying there, she must not be cold.  And I’m looking closer, and I see all these little goosebumps…”



“Yes, I think I would like a blanket.”


So the lesson we learned…69 degrees is not too cold to swim in the ocean.  It is, however, too cold to lay on the beach in wet clothes!  🙂


Shortly after, I changed into what I had saved for dry clothes, and Jessica and I went hunting for seashells on the beach.  My friend Christine is working with first graders this summer, here in Omaha, and she requested some seashells for her class.  We found a few, but not too many on this beach.  So we enjoyed a nice walk, and went back to our blanket.

Then we all were getting a little restless, so Dave, Jessica, and I started messing around with a volleyball, and then throwing a football, and then a frisbee.  The frisbee stuck, at least with Dave and me, so we played for quite awhile.  Jessica and Jeff enjoyed a little more blanket time, and the occasional accidental (if I threw it) or entirely on purpose (thanks to Dave) swoop of the frisbee right above their noses.  🙂  (All this time I’ve been playing ultimate frisbee, and I’m still working on controlling where the frisbee actually goes when it leaves my hands…)


After we were done at the beach, we drove “up the coast.”  (I’m trusting Jeff on that one, since I was completely direction-turned for most of the vacation.)  It was a lovely drive, as the sun sank closer and closer to the water.  We ended up at this cliff where hang-gliders took off, and just barely missed the sunset.  Nonetheless, it was beautiful, and we took a moment to enjoy the view (and put the top back on Jeff’s Jeep) before we turned around.

Once we were showered and sand-free, we met at a Korean barbecue restaurant, with a couple of Jeff’s friends.  It was an experience unlike anything I’ve seen before.  They bring you raw meat and veggies, whatever kind you want, as much as you want, and you cook it yourself.  They bring all sorts of condiments and side-dishes to go with it.  It was delicious.  And filling.  So much food!  The few familiar foods…rice, miso soup (one of my favorite things!), and beef.  Everything else was new and different. 

Part 3 coming soon!


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