San Diego…part 1

On Thursday night, Dave and I flew into San Diego about 7:00 p.m.  Jessica and Chris met us at the airport, and then we met Jeff in Old Town San Diego for dinner at a Mexican place called Fred’s.  Yummy vegetarian quesadillas and pomegranite margarita!  🙂

On Friday it was off to work for Chris and Jeff, and off to the zoo for Jessica, Dave, and me.  Dave appointed himself the “boss” of the map, and led us all around the zoo, including Jessica’s favorite (the koalas…but she moved too quickly for me to get a good picture of her watching them!…my sneaky photography skills are still being honed…), Dave’s favorite (the rhinos), and my favorite…um….I don’t know, I liked the whole thing!  🙂  Probably the dancing bear.  Oh, and Jessica fed a camel.

(Just click on any picture to see the larger version.)






Another thing, that I didn’t take pictures of, was the sea lion show.  The sea lions did their tricks and were wonderful.  But the memorable part of the show was a huge condor…swooping right over our heads…not attached to anything or anyone.  YIKES!!!  They did it with an owl, too, and I thought that was scary…until the condor came out! 

It is, in my opinion, completely valid that San Diego is considered the best zoo in the world.  (Not that I’ve seen very many zoos…)  As Dave said before we went, there are places where you really feel like you’re in a jungle. 

On Friday night we all, plus a couple more friends, went to a family-style Italian resturant called Bucca di Beppo’s.  It was an event!  Between waiting for our table, appetizers, entrees, and dessert, we were there for over two hours.  We followed it by one more quick drink at a bar down the street, and then home to rest up for the next day.  The evening was a great time.

Stay tuned for Part 2!  🙂

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