Blogging About Something Besides Myself

Hey, everybody, guess what!  My bloggy experience has led to a new opportunity.  I am now writing for the Young Adult blog on my church’s website!  So, my blogging is not all about me anymore!  🙂

However, I have to make sure that those articles have a point, make sense, are clearly written and carefully proofread.  Hmm.  This might be harder than I thought…

But seriously, if you want to go check it out that would be great.  The Young Adult group is basically what other churches might call their “singles” group.  Our events are targeted toward men and women, single and married, in their 20s and 30s.  Whether or not you fall in that demographic, feel free to come read the blog!  It’s a little harder to comment, so feel free to email me feedback if you want.  Or just read and enjoy and don’t give feedback at all, that would be just fine too.

Again, here is the link, just click on this sentence to go to the Young Adult blog!


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