Random thought for a quiet day…

-24 hours without hot water is not fun.

-Hot showers are very, very nice…and I should be more thankful for them!

-I am happy to finally have time to clean my new apartment, hang things on the walls, do my laundry…and now that the hot water is back I could wash dishes and towels and clean the bathroom…would someone tell me to get off the couch and do those things?  🙂

-Yay for summer and planning vacations!

-Is the pool open yet?  Do you think the water is too cold?  Anyone want to go for a swim?  🙂

-When was the last time I used my gym membership?  Now that it’s not frozen tundra around here, I just want to be outside!  (Although, I was about to go and use my gym membership to have a hot shower this afternoon…)

-You practice medicine, practice law, and practice yoga.  Do you practice teaching?

-I took a nap yesterday afternoon and dreamed about the boxes in my classroom…So much for not dreaming about work anymore, now that the school year is over…

-I like this song:

It’s one of those songs that I know will run its course, and then after that I probably won’t think of it again.  But at the moment, I love it for the end of the song.  I love how in the video, her whole expression changes when she “sees her Romeo on the outskirts of town.”  And, it’s just catchy and it’s stuck in my head.

Do you find it a bit strange that the cliche couple for “happily ever after” is Romeo and Juliet?  Doesn’t anyone know the end of that story?  Does anyone know the beginning and middle, for that matter?  Do we wish for the love of our life to be our family’s enemy?  Do we wish to marry in secret?  Do we wish to die with the love of our life just a short time after our wedding?  I can’t speak for you, but I certainly don’t wish for any of those things!

I think the attraction is the completeness of the love, the intensity of the emotion.  They loved each other with such intensity that they denied everything else that was important to them…their families, their safety, their very lives.  Each other was enough.

“Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone…”  That line toward the end of the song is everything that’s wrong with me.  🙂  (Okay, I’m being dramatic…not everything…)  Being alone isn’t the worst thing in the world.  My point is, the lesson we should learn from Romeo and Juliet is that when you fall in love, it better be worth it, because it might cause more problems than it solves.  Actually, there’s another line in the song…  “This love is difficult, but it’s real.”  Relationships are difficult.  So you better make sure he’s wonderful, make sure it’s the right time and the right man.  If I could tell 14-year-old me one thing (that’s when I had my first boyfriend), it would be figure out how to believe that you are worth a wonderful relationship, and not to waste your time on the crappy ones.   Now, 13 years later, I finally feel like I’m worth something wonderful and perfect, and I feel great about that.  I feel very joyful about the present and optimistic about the future.  But I also feel a bit of sadness, in the thought of how many wonderful relationships did I miss out on over the last 13 years?  I will never know…

Wow, how’s that for some random thoughts?  🙂


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. chad
    May 25, 2009 @ 01:19:38

    Dawn I have never liked you more than this moment right now…..


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