Hello, Again!

It has been awhile, I know!  I will post about my adventures soon, but for now, just a quick post about something I stumbled upon.

Sara at On Simplicity says: “If you consider life on a spectrum or as a pendulum, there’s no going off-track. There’s only swinging from one side to the other as needed.”

Hey, that’s me!  🙂  For awhile I want to eat lots of vegetarian, raw, organic, mostly vegan food, then suddenly I’ll have nothing but Hot Pockets and Chinese take out for awhile.  One week I’ll be happy to throw myself into my work, another week I’ll be so happy that it’s summer and I can lay by the pool for hours!  Sometimes I think of myself as “middle of the road,” but I am almost never in the middle of the road!  I like this idea that we swing from one side to the other “as needed.”  When my body needs some health, I can be passionately vegetarian.  When my life needs simplicity, I can live on processed frozen entrees!  🙂

This idea that “there has to be a sane middle ground!” is not altogether true.  Why does there have to be a middle ground?  Why does one thing have to be right?  What is right today is not always right tomorrow.


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