Oh, Dear…


“Oh, dear.”

Not panicked, not disappointed or frustrated, not lowering of the self-esteem.

Just a calm, informative, “Oh, dear.”  That was the one thought that came to mind as I tried on the dress I will be wearing for my friend’s wedding in April.  Just one month away.  The zipper wouldn’t zip quite all the way up.  Oh, dear.

Do you want to know how fast this happens?  It’s been Lent for about two weeks now.  I have given up coffee, and as a result, I’m snacky and munchy all day long!  A chocolate craving is more like a 300-pound guy with a gun to my head.  If someone physically dragged me away from a plate of treats, I’m sure I would actually be kicking and screaming.  Is this what the caffeine was keeping at bay???

Three weeks ago, a dress fits just fine.  In a few short days, it’s three inches of zipper away from fitting just fine.  (To the bride, if you’re reading this…DON’T WORRY!  Even if this is how it’s going to be, if someone else were to help me zip it up, we could make it work.  I’ll hold my breath until after the ceremony!)

However…THIS IS NOT HOW IT’S GOING TO BE!  Want to know why?  I forgot about green smoothies!  When the weather turned colder, I stopped having them.  I wanted something warm to drink in the morning (after my beloved ice water, anyway…the irony of it all…), so I made coffee instead of smoothies.  I forgot how drinking some raw fruit and greens gives me energy and reduces cravings.  It sets me on a momentum of that healthy, not-hungry-but-not-stuffed feeling that I want to keep going for the rest of the day.  Thanks to the nutrients and fiber, extra weight falls off effortlessly, depending on your exercise habits and the rest of your diet, anyway.

Green smoothies are SO HEALTHY!  Real food, whole food, raw food, fruits and vegetables for crying out loud!  I’m pretty sure you could eat mostly green smoothies and be okay, health-wise.  Add an avocado or some peanut butter and you’ve even got healthy fat!  But, don’t worry, I am not committing to eating nothing but green smoothies until the wedding!  I am reminding myself of how healthy, yummy, easy, and wonderful they are.  I’m buying the ingredients and considering working my way up to two or maybe three green smoothies a day–not in place of all my meals, but certainly in place of sweets and junk!  I’ll make sure to have some grains, fat, and protein as well!  And if I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, a reasonable amount of fat, grains, and protein, and very little junk…  Well, then if I’m still the same size, I’ll squeeze into the dress and know that this is the healthy weight for me!  But if I’ve lost a few pounds, it will be because my body was storing resources it doesn’t need, thanks to the gun-to-my-head cravings and the mid-morning, no-coffee munchies!


(Okay, it’s not green, but there are greens in it…if you add blueberries it turns out purple…isn’t it pretty???)

(Ooh, I’m starting to feel so good, just looking at the pictures and googling for recipe ideas!  Kiwi, pear, banana, blueberry, raspberry, peach…how about peanut butter and banana?…ooh, lemons and apples?…TO THE GROCERY STORE!)


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