Two Funny Kid Stories

Last Thursday, the day after Ash Wednesday, I saw the smudge of ashes on Heart’s forehead.  I said, “Oh, Heart, did you go to church and get ashes last night?”  She said yes.  I said, “Hey, I got ashes at church last night, too!”  Heart immediately got the I don’t believe you look in her eyes.  She took my head in her hands and looked closely at my face.  “But I don’t see them,” she said.  I explained they had washed off in the shower.  “But I didn’t see you there,” she continued.  I told her my church was “far away” from her church, closer to my home than the school.  I still don’t think she believed me, but what do you expect?  Most of the time the kids have a hard time believing that I don’t live with my Mom!  Why would a person not live with their mom???  🙂


This past week, an old student who is now in kindergarten, Apple, came by to deliver the Girl Scout cookies I bought from her.  I saw her and her mother coming in and I said, “Oh, I need to write you a check.”  Apple said, “Yeah, that’s fine, you can write a check.  You don’t have to pay us for real!”  🙂


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