Triple Blades, Two Thirds Less


Why do I love grocery shopping at 7:30 in the evening, rather than right after work or on Saturday?  Because I can have the razor aisle to myself!  I can stand in front of the razor blades for 15 minutes, without being in anyone’s way, as I ponder the benefits of shaving my legs with a razor that costs me about $2.40 a week.

I have loved the Venus faithfully for about eight years.  Well, there was the short affair with the Intuition for a few months back in 2003.  And I had just a little fling with Venus disposables about a year ago, when they were cheaper than the original Venus cartridges.  But the vast majority of the last eight years, I used my Venus every day.

However…it is hard to buy a package of 4 cartridges for $9.56!  (Or an 8-pack for more than $17…yikes!)  And then, when I do, it’s hard to change my razor blade every week like I’m supposed to.  (I know, you’re supposed to change it every two or three shaves, but come on!  Things cost money, you know!)  So I’m using this cartridge for a few weeks, until it’s dull and uncomfortable and I’m risking more cuts than if I had just used the single blade cheap disposable in the first place!  (Which I really could afford to throw away after two or three uses, come to think of it…) 

So tonight, after choosing the $5 two-pack of Equate brand contact solution over the $12 two-pack of Bausch and Lomb, I decided to also make a sacrafice with my razor choice.  I have spent much time in the razor aisle, pondering the choice between the Venus 4-pack and the 8-pack, but I must have never looked outside the Venus area.  It turns out there are many choices in triple-blade women’s razors.  Tonight I chose the Noxema Super Smooth Triple Blade disposables with pivoting head, a 4-pack for $2.97.  Let’s find out if the magic is in the things that make Venus unique, or simply in the three blades!


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