I don’t quite know what to blog about today…

All is well….well, all is fine…okay, all is mediocre.


I had to work late, so against my better judgement, I got take-out from Runza on the way home.  You remember how I used to love Runza?  I still like it, but…  It’s crazy how, now that I’ve really recognized the feeling of junk food in my system, I am not attracted to it so much.  I just wanted take-out because it was faster than cooking.  But it’s not worth it!  Because now I feel tired and sad and lethargic, and I know I’ll feel this way for the rest of the evening.


On a similar note, I found a series of three posts at Almost Fit explaining what high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is, and why we should avoid it.  I don’t think making a list of things to avoid is the way to health, but I appreciate understanding the HFCS versus sugar debate a little better.  I am on board in realizing that sugar, non-nutritious though it may be, is a much less processed product than HFCS.  In the distinction between food and “edible food-like substances,” sugar is food, and HFCS is an edible food-like subsance.  BUT, I stand by my previous thoughts, sugar is not the way to better health, either!


I had to go back and find this post by fellow blogger MckMama.  Apparently, we’re having six more weeks of winter, and after a couple days of 50 degrees, I feel the need to psych myself up for some ice and snow!  But the truth is…I love ice and snow!  I’m not sure I’d want to live in the frozen tundra land of MckMama, where it is winter for at least five months a year.  But I love layering up and bundling up and going outside when it’s frigid.  Between reading about MckMama and her Prince Charming taking their Many Small Children to visit the ice fishing village on the frozen lake, and watching New In Town with my sister Megan the other day, I’m prepped and ready for some snow!!!

You know, I surprise myself sometimes.  In my family, I was the least “farm-kid” of the four of us.  But here, in the world of adulthood and smallish city life, I’m sort of an outdoor girl, after all!  I want to bundle up and go outside for recess.  It drives me crazy when we have to stay in because it’s too cold!  Since when is 20 degrees too cold to go outside for a mere 20 minutes or so???  (You know, I didn’t make that parallel on purpose…but it’s not a bad idea!  One minute of recess per degree of temperature…if it’s 5 degrees, we can still go out for 5 minutes.  Think the school district will buy it?)  One of the things I love best about having a dog is that I have a good excuse to go outside a few times a day.  I’m constantly looking for ways to “play outside,” especially in the spring and fall.  Ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, walking, running, biking, just sitting on the balcony!  And when the really hot days of summer come…I so look forward to the weather when it’s hot enough to keep swimming as the sun sets!  It’s never too cold to play outside or too hot to go swimming.

(Mom, if you’re reading this…did you ever make us stay inside because it was too cold or too hot?)

It’s interesting…at this moment, mild as it’s been, I can’t imagine wanting to bare some skin, feel the outdoor air on my toes or arms or legs.  But there are moments in the summer where I have the opposite feeling.  I can’t imagine being able to cover myself from neck to toes with clothing!  That ability to honestly lose the sense of what the opposite season is like…that is the joy of living in a climate with four seasons!


I truly enjoyed tonight’s episode of One Tree Hill!  It just kept me laughing through most of it, but had me crying at the end, just the way a good episode should!  A sample of the laughter:

Peyton is pregnant, and she’s been getting ready for the baby.  She’s answering the door, and it’s her childhood friend, Skills, dressed in some sort of maintenance worker outfit.

Peyton:  Oh, hey Skills, it’s great to see you, but I’m actually waiting for the baby proofer.

Skills:  You’re looking at him.

Peyton:  You’re a baby proofer?

Skills:  Yep.

Peyton:  Why didn’t I know that you were a baby proofer?

Skills:  Would you brag about being a baby proofer?

Maybe you had to see it to appreciate it, but everything we’ve learned about Skills in the last six years, nothing would suggest professional baby proofer as his career!  And the whole hour was like that, up until the last two minutes, which turned everything around into happy tears.  Seriously, I think One Tree Hill gets better with age!


I told you I didn’t know what to blog about!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Doris Jacobs
    Feb 03, 2009 @ 10:27:33

    I know that some of that not going out when it is 20 degrees is parent driven but not driven by most parents. Most parents want the kids out in the fresh air and sun for a little time each day unless the wind chill gets to dangerous levels. It just goes to show what a few vocal and suit happy parnets can do for(or to) all of the rest of us.
    Love you


  2. Mom
    Feb 03, 2009 @ 18:44:31

    Very, very rarely did I make you stay in because of cold. (See Doris’s post.) I was more likely to send all of you outside just to run off some of your energy!


  3. Joan
    Feb 04, 2009 @ 10:00:01

    For not having anything to blob about, you sure did a good job. LOVE YOU.


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