Three Cute Kid Stories

In order to tell this story, I’m nicknaming my students.  I have some in the story who start with the same letter.  The girls in the story are: Nest, Heart, Mittens.  The boy in the story is Monkey.  Don’t be too alarmed, they don’t mean anything…these are the letter-linked symbols that go with their names at the beginning of the year until everyone can recognize their own name and each other’s names.  So, Monkey’s name really starts with M, Heart’s name really starts with H, etc.

I should preface this story with a little background.  In the past two months, there have been three new babies in the families of my students.  So babies and pregnant mommies have been a topic of conversation for some months now.  In fact, that reminds me, another story from teaching…

We were talking about Nest having a new baby brother at her house pretty soon, and Monkey asked where the baby brother is now.  I said he’s in Nest’s mommy’s tummy. 

Monkey: How will he get out? 

Me: Well, Nest’s mommy will probably go to the hospital and the doctor will help take him out. 

Monkey: But how does the doctor get him out? 

Me: Well…I’m not sure, what do you think the doctor will do?  (I know, I shouldn’t have asked!) 

Monkey: I don’t know, I’ve never seen a doctor take a baby out…is there a special hole or something? 

Me: (Okay, I see we’ve nearly crossed the line!) You know, M, I don’t know, you better ask your mom.

Later that day, when Nest’s mom came to pick her up, I told her this conversation.  When I got to the part about Monkey asking how the baby gets out, Heart’s mom, who was standing nearby, said, “What did you say?”  I said I told Monkey to ask his mom.  Heart’s mom said, “Oh, darn it.  H’s older sister asked a few years ago when I was pregnant with Heart, and I told her to ask her teacher!”


On to today’s story:

Mittens came up and started patting my stomach.  I asked what she was doing.  She said with her cute little Spanish accent, “Miss B, I really think you have a baby in there.”

Me: No, I do not!

Mittens, still rubbing and patting:  Are you sure?

Me: Absolutely sure.  No baby, just my belly button.

Mittens, in a sweet hopeful tone: But how do you know, because I think yes!

Me: Well, there usually has to be a daddy, too, before there is a baby.  (Well?  What would have you said???)

Mittens: Oh, and there’s no Papa at your home, only the doggy, right?

Me: Right.

Heart (who is now rubbing and patting, too): You don’t have a husband at your house?

Me: No.

Mittens: I wish Miss B could have a baby in her tummy.

Heart:  Yeah, but she needs to look for a husband first so there can be a daddy.  Miss B, aren’t you ever going to find a husband?


Oh, and while I’m thinking about cute kid stories…A little girl who I’ll call Pumpkin tends to call things by what they do.  She was given the choice to play with the snap cubes, the frogs, or the bears.  Her answer: “I want to play with the ribbits.”  Later that afternoon, she was looking at a picture in a book:  “Oh, the mittens, and this bike, and here is a sit-down,” aka, a chair.  And a few days later, I was passing out stuffed animals for rest time, and she says: “Can I have the quack?”


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  1. Mom
    Jan 16, 2009 @ 17:31:09

    This must be sex ed in preschool classes. Right?


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