I’m watching The Biggest Loser marathon on Bravo today.  They are showing season 3 all day long.

I love The Biggest Loser because it’s both inspirational and somewhat tutorial.  It makes you want to build healthy habits, and you also learn tips here and there throughout the show.  However, there is a problem with a marathon….you don’t actually want to get off the couch!  You just want to keep watching!  🙂

I think my favorite part is when the doctor comes back after a time and tells them how much better their health numbers are.  I love to hear about how they are completely off their cholesterol medication, or blood pressure medication, or insulin for diabetes, or asthma treatments.  They come thinking this is just, like, a disability, something they’ll have to live with.  Like no matter how much they exercise and eat better, they’ll still have to be on medication for these diseases.  This is just something they’ll always have to deal with.

But it’s not!!!

I know so many people who feel like their diseases are just something that happen to them, there’s nothing they can do.  And it’s hard not to fall into that trap.  Well, if this disease is in my family, maybe I just have to prepare myself for the possibility that I’ll also be dependent on medicine at some point in the future.  But I also have this other thought that runs through my head so often…  I reject the idea that “managing” a disease is good enough.  I don’t want to be dependent on prescriptions and doctor visits and health insurance.  For me right now, health insurance is a huge waste of money!  (Of course I have health insurance, don’t worry!  What if I’m in a car accident or my appendix ruptures?)  It’s like car insurance…you hope it will always be a huge waste of money!

That’s my goal….that health insurance will always be a waste of my employer’s money!  And The Biggest Loser just proves that you can affect your own health.  It’s obvious, but sometimes we just need to see it in action.  And better health means more energy, better sleep, more happiness, more ability to be a positive influence on the people around you.

Just a little motivation for the New Years’ resolution!


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