What kind of a Christmas would it be if the weather didn’t mess with our plans?  😉

I was planning on traveling to see more family today, but on that side of the state there is too much winter weather to make it safe.  Freezing rain, turning to snow tonight, winter storm warning…it’s just not safe.  I’d rather arrive safely than arrive today, so I will wait until tomorrow.  So, here I sit at my mom’s dining room table, munching on holiday treats (what do you mean, that’s not an appropriate breakfast food???), and thinking about what I could blog.  And then….the idea hit me…my new year’s resolution!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.  This year, 2009, I’m going to fall into the “most common resolution” category and make a health-related resolution.  But…what makes a good resolution?  You always hear things like measurable goals, manageable and doable, etc.  Okay…  My first thought was a certain weight.  To finally lose my freshman 25.  🙂  But the thing is, I can make choices about what I eat and what I do, but my weight is God’s business, in the end.  So then I thought, okay, how about a goal about what I eat or do?  We all know that me making goals or rules about what I eat is a recipe for disaster.  But I would like to get in a better habit of exercising.

So here is the plan:  I will work out at least 200 times in 2009.  That’s my resolution.  That is all!

That’s about four times a week.  I think that’s reasonable, because if I’m sick or unable to exercise for a week here and there, I can easily make up the workouts at another time, and still reach my goal.  This resolution also has room to grow and change throughout the year.  I’m not committing to one form of exercise or another, I’m not committing to reach a certain level of fitness, I’m just committing to exercise.  The rest will fall into place.

For now, I think my tentative plan is to go to yoga at least once a week, go to the gym to do weights and cardio twice a week, and take the dog for a long walk once or twice a week, depending on the weather.  This plan will result in four to six workouts per week.  During the winter, I have to depend on indoor activities like cardio machines and yoga class.  In the summer, I will have ultimate frisbee, running and walking outside, biking, many more choices.  So I’m not going to make a plan cast in stone for the entire year.  For now, for this weather, this is what I will try.

I’m going to keep track of it by creating a checksheet, sort of.  I will check off a number each time I workout, and I will be able to see throughout the year whether I am on track or ahead or behind. 

Do I need a reward for the end of the year, you ask?  No, I do not.  I don’t want this to be something that is finished on December 31st, 2009.  I’m building a habit here.  However, the natural reward will be that I feel great, look great, and have a healthier body.


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