It’s not magic or anything.  And I wouldn’t say it’s “women’s intuition,” because I don’t know why a woman would have this gift any more than a man.  But whatever it is…  I’ve got it.

I can feel it when school is going to be canceled.  Remember, I’ve been on a “school schedule” forever.  Since early in high school, I’ve only been wrong a couple of times.  It’s not like I’ve kept data, but when everyone is buzzing about school being canceled the next day, I can feel whether they’re right or they’re wrong.  As a teacher, I think it has to do with the disposition of the kids.  When the weather is going to be bad enough for school to be canceled, they go a little more crazy than usual.  But Santa is coming soon, so I wasn’t sure if that was the cause of their craziness today.  Also, if you look out the window, you can never see any signs that the weather will get bad.  I saw the sun for most of the day today, and yet…  I am never certain, but I’m generally right.  I can just feel it.  I could never explain the evidence to you that would prove it.  But it is not magic.  It is just something I know, without really knowing how I know it.

So, while I was trying to stay awake so I could watch the school closings, I was watching Grey’s Anatomy.  I’m to the very end of season 2.  (Not just tonight, of course!  I watch it in order, same with Friends, but off and on over months.)  I just watched Derek and Meredith put their dog down.  That scene gets me teary every time.  Now I’m going to watch Derek and Meredith reach a new level of complicated in their relationship, and Izzy is going to find Denny dead in his hospital bed.  And it will end with Meredith between Finn and Derek, presumably contemplating which man she wants to pursue.  And then I’m sure I’ll watch just one more episode, because I can’t just stop watching at a cliffhanger!  🙂


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