**Okay, when I said, “tomorrow”…  🙂  Anyway, here it is, the continuation of the thought process.**

I am not one who will argue for two more points on a test so that I can get an A instead of an A-.  I also have a rebellious streak a mile long.  So how did I manage to succeed in those “smart girl” endeavors in high school and college?  Well, because…

Why do something poorly if you can do it well?

That philosophy has been a part of me…forever, I think.  Idealism is a spectrum.  I grew up in an environment where I was pretty much the least idealistic person in the conversation.  The problem with extreme idealism is that you have decided how things should be, and you absolutely can’t accept anything else, so you just give up if they can’t be that way.  I’m more pragmatic than that.  If we can’t have it the way it should be, my first step is to move on from “should be.”  What can we do to make it better than it is?  What can we do to take a step in the direction of “should be?”

The phrases “Oh, well…” and “good enough” have no place in my vocabulary.  Even though something I’m doing is not going to be perfect, is probably not going to meet the ideal, I’m not going to stop working until I can say, “Okay, this is good.  This will work well.”  If I can do better, then I’m not done yet.

That doesn’t sound like the last couple of years of my life, does it?  Find out why not tomorrow…


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