Some Good Clean Fun


Guess what Mike and I did on our date last night?  Can’t figure it out yet?  How about another clue?


Does that help?  🙂

Mike was so sweet to go with me to see High School Musical 3.  As we walked out, he asked me what I thought of it, and all I could say was that I liked the first two a little bit better.  The plot line in HSM3 was another revision of the same old HSM plot, which was fine, but predictable.  Also, the end was long.  The most interesting part of the plot was resolved maybe 2/3 the way through the movie, and then the pace just slowed down a bit through the end.

But I liked it.  One of my favorite scenes is the one in the top picture, where Troy and Gabriella are waltzing on the rooftop.  I like the way the three HSM movies go through this progression, they become more and more akin to other movie musicals.  More music, more of the story told through the singing and dancing…  The first movie was definitely a t.v. movie, and they seemed to grow from there.

I say it was predictable, but there is something to be said for predictable!  I love t.v. and movies that are “squeaky clean,” as it is sometimes put.  Some of my favorite things fall into the “squeaky clean” category.  The Love Comes Softly series of movies, Disney channel sitcoms, 17 Kids and Counting and shows like that, etc. 

You know, I often ask myself on the way out of a movie theater, was this movie worth my $8?  What I usually mean is, did I get $8 of entertainment out of it?  But why should a movie be full of gratuitous sex and violence to entertain me?  For me, I’ve never seen a movie musical that wasn’t entertaining, and High School Musical 3 was no different.  Singing and dancing brings an energy to a movie that all the sex and violence in the world cannot.

(As a sidenote, just remember, I say “sex and violence” in one phrase, but they are two very different issues.  God loves sex and doesn’t like violence so much, but both of them are issues that can draw a fine line, or a great grey area, I suppose, when it comes to appropriateness as entertainment.  I suppose for me, if it’s sex for the sake of putting sex in a movie, for entertaining via sex, I don’t like it.  If it’s sex because it helps tell the story or convey the emotion of the moment, it will add to the movie rather than detracting from it.  Same with violence.)

“You can share it with your kids.  It’s great for the whole family.”  Of course that statement means nothing to me right now, because when I go see a movie, I don’t need to concern myself with what would be appropriate for little ones.  But “squeaky clean”-ness and innocence still has value for me, in my opinion.  It feels safe to be entertained in such a way.  When I go home and turn off the lights, I don’t have any images of anything scary or disturbing to get out of my head so I can fall asleep.  I can’t really put into words what I mean.  Clean, joyous, freeing.  It sounds so silly, because I don’t know how to say what I mean!


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