I’m sitting in my classroom, checking my email during a short break while the kids are outside, and I hear joyous childish screaming coming closer to the door.  I look up, and the other class is running for the building, because it has suddenly, and I mean suddenly, started to rain.  I go to the door to look out, and my class, along with my para, is huddled under this “shade structure,” which is four posts with a roof on top.  So I grab my jacket and run outside to get them.  We wait a minute or two for the rain to let up a little, and finally we decide to make a run for it.  “Ready???  Set???  GO!!!!”  And we all run for the door.  As I am holding the door for the kids to go inside, I glance over and see that my tiny, cute-as-a-button, 4-year-old M is still standing under the shade structure, alone, shivering and looking terrified.  “Come on, M!”  I wave for her to come in.  She shakes her head no.  So I run back, and she takes my hand.  “Are you ready, M?”  She gives this terrified, hesitant nod, with a nearly inaudible “Uh-huh.”  And we run in.

I don’t know what she thought was going to happen to her!  The other kids will tell their parents this story as the most exciting part of their day.  But M just might be a little less excited about the memory!


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