Pie and a Movie

Tonight, I went with a friend to see the movie Step Brothers, with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.  It’s a hillarious concept!  Two 40-year-old men each live with a parent, and the parents get married.  These men act like 12-year-old boys, and it’s just great!  “Can we bunk our beds?  Please?  Can we?  It will give us so much more space to do activities!  Can we, please?”  Coming out of the mouths of grown men!  I wonder if that’s what my parents feel like when we’re all staying with them…

One caution about the movie, it is rated R for a reason.  Choose wisely.

Before going to a movie, I often stop somewhere else to get a snack and a drink.  Against the rules, sure, but I just can’t bear to pay $12 for $3 worth of food and beverages!  Tonight I brought the weirdest movie snack ever.  I was at the grocery store, looking for a bottle of juice or iced tea, and I walked past the bakery section.  They had these little individual-size lemon tarts that looked so good!  So I could have had candy or chips or popcorn, but I go to the movies with pie!  🙂


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