Just Her

Just Her

Originally uploaded by Janelle Bradshaw

This is a two-purpose post. One, did I figure out how to blog photos from flickr.com? Yes? Can you see it? 🙂

Two, look, LOOK at that beautiful bedding! I just love how it’s many colors together, and nothing looks “matchy-matchy,” but it’s beautiful! This was my vision when I started all the painting of the walls in my apartment. I had to undo the yellow wall because it was just too much, but after seeing this picture, I think I had the right idea, just on too large of a scale. If I want lots of colors in my apartment, I need to do it in little ways, like pillows and blankets and towels, not on the entire wall.

If this works, if I’ve figured out how to do this, there will be many posts about many pictures I have found on flickr! And also, I need to get my own camera so that I can share my photos so easily as well. Although I will never be as good as trained, professional photographers like Janelle, here! (By the way, are you so distracted by the bedding that you didn’t notice the baby? There’s Janelle’s newest addition in the middle of the bed!)


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