I was so very tired last night when I posted, but I wanted to write that quote from Corinthians before I forgot about it.  It’s funny, the way God works.  I’ll be sitting in church and barely paying attention, and suddenly I’ll hear something that the priest or whoever is talking says.  Or I’ll pay attention to a certain phrase in a song we’re singing.  It’s kind of like reading and coming upon a highlighted passage.  I can’t explain it, it just happens.  Yesterday at the wedding, it was, “Love bears all things.”  And it applies to romantic love, certainly, but also love for God, family love, friendship, anything.  All by itself, I suppose “Love bears all things” sounds quite depressing and miserable, but that’s not how I heard it yesterday.  It doesn’t say, “you must bear all things,” or, “If you love you will bear all things.”  It says, “Love bears all things.”  Think about that for awhile.

No, I do not hate weddings.  I dread them sometimes, and they are difficult sometimes, but I love weddings.  When I get married, (oh yeah, if I get married!…see, I’m optimistic and hopeful once again!), I do want a big white dress that makes me feel like a princess, and I do want a church full of all the people I care about, and I do want my Daddy to give me away.

I am such a girl.  🙂

I still hate the snowball dance.  And I still hate the tradition of pointing out all the single girls by throwing the bouquet.  And, I still like the idea of having a very casual, fun, potluck reception, but I don’t think my Mom will let me do that when the time comes!  🙂  (And I’m mostly kidding, because of course if people come to my party I want to feed them dinner!  But it just seems like it would be such a good way to get conversations going, you know, who brought this wonderful dish, give me the recipe, etc.  But maybe not for such a big affair as a wedding.)

And I still have a couple of surprises up my sleeve that only Sarah knows about, because one, I reserve the right to change my mind, and two, a lot of the entertainment of going to a wedding is seeing the ways that it is different from what you expect, so I’m not going to give away all my ideas, and three, of course when the time comes my ideas will be combined and compromised with the groom’s ideas, whoever he is.  So if it’s really important to him, we’ll have a stupid snowball dance and I’ll throw my stupid bouquet.  🙂

And that is the worst part about weddings…they make me think about what I want for my wedding, if I have a wedding, and I need to not be thinking about it until it’s a reality!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mom
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 08:43:48

    No, Dawn, absolutely no potluck wedding reception! There are any number of other occasions to ask people to bring food, like family reunions, super bowl parties, and just plain picnics, but not wedding receptions!


  2. Bridal Lingerie
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 11:55:59

    I agree you can’t ask for a potluck wedding… that is way too cheap. This is a special day one that you will always remember!


  3. Betty
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 21:29:07

    ok but then how about potluck dinner the evening before the wedding or how about potluck brunch the next day…I like potlucks also!


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