Random Ramblings of Blogs, Simplicity, and Fake People

I have many small, unimportant things to say tonight.  Don’t be surprised to find many categories at the top of this post when I am done writing it!

One…blogging.  Here I am, blogging.  And yet, I am unsure about blogging.  What I love most about this blog are the posts that are more like scrapbooking for the glue-frustrated.  🙂  I loved posting my pictures from Seattle and Las Vegas.  In fact, I might post more pictures, and date them back to when they were actually taken, and keep a “scrapbook” category.  I’ve actually been considering doing that, and then deleting all the other posts, and just having a picture memories blog. 

On the other hand, my heart and soul went into many of these posts, and I don’t want to just delete them forever.  I’ve been blogging for several years!  That seems like too much thought and emotion and memories of life to just throw away.  I want this blog to fit into a nice little category.  But like everything else in life, it won’t.  This blog is a reflection of me, and I am a real person.  I don’t fit into a neat, organized, focused publication.  Blogging is a microcosm of life, for most of the blogs I read.  Mine definitely is that.

Why don’t strangers read my blog?  Why is it only people I know in real life?  How do I enter the “blogosphere?”  🙂

Two…simplicity.  I read a post at Zen Habits today entitled The Many Paths to Simplicity.  The parts of the article that appeal most to me remind me that my best path to simplicity is simplicity itself.  What I mean is, whenever I want to make a change, my greatest temptation is to change as much and as drastically and as immediately as possible.  But that is the opposite of simple!  It is difficult and complex and usually, impossible!  For me, any change must begin with one small step, and any change requires patience.  Lots of things in my life require patience. 

Sidenote coming on…  People always say, “Wow, you teach preschool?  I couldn’t do that, I just don’t have the patience!”  I almost think it’s the opposite.  I need to teach preschool, so I don’t forget how to be patient!  Remembering patience in my classroom breeds peace, and forgetting it breeds hurry and stress.  The peace that comes from patience in my classroom infiltrates other parts of my life.  Whether you are a babysitter or a teacher, and I assume for a parent as well, I think the most important thing you need to know about kids is that everything takes time.  You can’t change it.  Whether you tell them to hurry or not, whether you are running late or not, it will take time.  And it’s much happier to just allow the time.  Start earlier.  Who cares if they wash their hands for 10 minutes before lunch?  Start 10 minutes early.  Who cares if you’re a little late to recess?  So they’ll play for 25 minutes instead of 30.  You’ll get to the end of the school day much more happily if you just breathe, and let it flow as it will.  This is what I know about teaching preschool.

Okay, back to the topic of simplicity…  My point is, there is always something I want to change.  Right now, I’m thinking about my daily routine and the things I want in it, and how best to arrange them.  Obviously, I have to go to work.  I have to take a shower, and sleep, and eat.  Those are requirements, and they won’t go anywhere.  And then there are priorities.  My number one priority is time with the Lord.  I’m trying to make my number two priority getting some exercise every day.  I’m not trying to be an Olympic athlete, but just to build a healthy habit.  And then there are things that are important to me…people.  Sleeping, eating, working out, all those things can work around opportunities to spend time with my family and my friends.  It’s complex.  Work is not more important than my friends, but it is a requirement, and it does have set times that cannot be changed.  On the other hand, my time with God is very important, and with His grace will not be left out for any reason, but the time of day is flexible.  So instead of revamping my entire daily routine, the simple way to do it is to adjust a little, see how it goes for awhile, adjust something else, etc.  Another temptation is to think ahead, way ahead, before I do this.  Not just what will work this week or this month, but what will continue to work next summer, and if I am married, and if I have a different job, and if I win the lottery and become a professional football player!  🙂  You see my point.  I need to simplify my thinking, more than I need to simplify anything about my life.  What will work for me, today?  What will work for me, at this season of my life?

Topic number three…t.v.  One Tree Hill.  It’s back!  There is heart and soul in that show, and I am addicted for life.  There is no amount of growing up that will make me not want to watch the first seasons, when they are in high school.  There is no amount of “soapiness” that can distract me from the soul of the show.  The writers always told the fans to “have faith” when things were going badly for the characters…when we were watching all the “soap”…and they were always right.  It is hard to watch the rough parts, when Nathan and Haley were separated, when Lucas was trying to marry the wrong girl, but it has to get bad so you recognize how great it is in the end.

And, I’m discovering, that’s the same with Grey’s Anatomy!  They even use some of the same music as One Tree Hill.  That show is soapier than I realized back in Season One.  Will Derek and Meredith get together permanently or not?  They convince you yes, and then they convince you no.  In the middle of last season, when Derek kissed Rose, the nurse, I stopped watching.  Just completely stopped.  Didn’t watch another episode.  It truly seemed like they were done, and I couldn’t bear to watch them move one.  But, on the advice of my friend Tara, who wouldn’t tell me anything but just said, “Oh, you have to keep watching!!!” I am now watching the reruns.  For the first time.  And I still don’t know what will happen with Derek and Meredith, but I see that they are still meant for each other, in this world of Seattle Grace Hospital.

Ross and Rachel were obviously meant for each other, and they didn’t end up together until the last episode of Friends!  Maybe both Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill and Derek and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy will be the same situation.  And, yes, I realize that it’s very possible that Ross and Rachel ended up together because it was the last episode.  If it had gone on, they could have been ripped apart and put together many more times.  The tearing apart and coming together is what keeps us watching, of course.  But it’s much more fun not to think about that, and to just get caught up in the fake world with the fake people!


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  1. Doris Jacobs
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 09:17:26

    Your talk of simplicity reminds me of a quote from one of Tammy’s parents. “Remember to breathe.” Of course when addressed to a tiny premie it means a bit different than to the rest of the world.


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