So, one of the many important tasks I’m doing this evening is catching up on my Sunday papers.  I’m reading little bits of them while I watch t.v. and do laundry, and then I’m going to toss them out.  I have exactly four Sunday papers sitting on my coffee table.  FOUR!  That’s a MONTH worth of papers!

And, okay, I’m not reading them cover to cover.  Do you KNOW how much READING that would be for one evening???  I’m reading some of the comics, and doing the sudoku and numbrix puzzles.  🙂

ANYWAY, I read this Zits comic from August 17th.  I remember being that girl!  What do I like about her look?  How can I be like that?  What kind of jeans/shoes/tan/ass/boobs do I need to be her?  What can I find about her that I don’t like?

If the guys are really like that image on the right, I want to talk to the guys!  🙂

I hope we have moved beyond all the judging and comparing, but truthfully, I don’t know if we have.  One thing that guys may not understand about this particular ugly truth about girls…  We judge and compare because we are really judging ourselves.  If we can’t accept ourselves as we are, then an immature but effective way to feel better is to feel superior to someone else.  Or at least, find the hope that we can change and become like someone else.

The real answer is to stop judging, period!  The real solution is to accept ourselves, as we are.  It is possible to accept yourself as you are, even though you are trying to change.  It’s tricky, but it’s possible.  I haven’t completely figured it out.  But we can adore and appreciate our bodies, for example, even as we are working to be healthier.  Adore your body….you live in it!  It is part of you.  It is what your husband or boyfriend loves to look at and touch.  It is what grew your children for the beginning of their lives.  It is what hikes mountains, swims through water, runs trails, sews quilts, rolls pie crust, plays piano, whatever your joy is.  It is what God has gifted to you so that you can have all these blessings. 

It is impossible to judge someone else from that perspective!


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