Snooze Button

Mike gave me an informal “assignment” this evening…find out the history of the snooze button! 

The first alarm clock was invented by Taqi al-Din, of the Ottoman Empire, in 1559.  The first person to patent the alarm clock was Antoine Redier, a French inventor, in 1847.

Like other factories, the alarm clock factories in the United States were re-purposed during World War II for war work, so alarm clocks ceased to be produced in the spring of 1942.  But they were the first consumer goods to resume manufacture in November of 1944, before the war was over, because old alarm clocks were wearing out, no new were available, and workers were late.

The snooze button is believed to be invented in 1956 by Lew Wallace, who is also known for authoring Ben Hur.  The picture above is the first Westclox model, the “Drowse,” to have a snooze alarm, adjustable for 5 or 10 minute snooze intervals.  It was first available in 1959.

That’s surely more information than you ever wanted to know about your alarm clock and your snooze button!  🙂

Sources:  Wikipedia,, Oberlin Pop Culture Digest

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