An “I” Activity

Tomorrow I’m going back to work!  I should be giving my apartment a thorough cleaning (it needs it, ask Tara, she saw it!) or finding out how my work clothes inventory is or giving the dog a bath.  But instead, I saw this over at 4 Little Men and thought I would waste some time doing this instead!  Do you have a blog?  I dare you to complete these sentences yourself!

I am…nobody but myself.
I want…to find joy in God every day.
I wish… for simplicity.
I hate…my bad habits.
I miss…innocence and possibility.
I fear… solitude.  And crickets.
I feel…peaceful.
I hear…the traffic outside my building.
I smell…laundry detergent.
I crave…pad thai.
I search…for answers.
I wonder…if I will get to have children someday.
I regret…times when I knew the right choice for me and made a different choice.
I love…my people!
I care…too much about what people think.
I ache…to be married.
I always…sing!
I believe…that God knows what is best for me.
I dance…with Mike.
I sing…all the time.
I cry…when I’m happy or sad!
I don’t always… know what to do.
I fight…myself.
I write…too much about myself!
I never…want to miss out on something great.
I listen…to music.
I need…a cleaner living space!
I am happy… that my Heavenly Father is in control!

Well, that’s a fun little activity!  Now it’s off to clean my apartment.  For real.  The t.v. is off, I’m going to put on some music, and get busy.  How wonderful it will feel to go to bed tonight in a clean home!!!


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  1. Mom
    Aug 11, 2008 @ 08:12:16

    Happy first day of school!


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