There are little things that make me want to stay at my job, not change grade levels, not change school districts, nothing.  For example, the hard things get easier with every passing year.  Because my classroom is funded by a grant, I have to prepare a 16-page report at the end of each school year telling them what we did with their money.  This is a “hard thing” for me because first of all, I don’t know anything about how the money of a school district works, and that’s what they need to know.  Secondly, I’ve spent several years with three- and four-year-olds.  You know, the little people who can’t stop moving, and who have the attention span of about 10 minutes?  So I’m completely out of the habit of sitting and focusing on one thing for many hours.  (Unless it captures my attention like a good book, with this report definitely does NOT.)  The first year, it took me many hours over the course of a couple of weeks to figure out what, exactly, I was supposed to enter in each field on the report, find out who to contact to get those numbers, etc.  The second year it took me a few hours over the course of a couple of days.  This year, I procrastinated it until today, but it took me ONE HOUR!!!  And I’m done!  Printed, ready to be copied and delivered.  And, I did it in my pajamas, on my laptop at my dining room table, listening to Matchbox Twenty, with a cup of coffee by my side and my puppy at my feet.

If I ever quit my job, someone else will have to go through this process of learning how to do the hard things, and I’ll have to start the process over with different hard things at a different job.

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