Now Do This

Yeah, yeah, two posts in one day, too much for you to read, blah, blah…  GUESS WHAT?  I found something SO cool!  I very occasionally bounce over to ZenHabits, and I always find something interesting to read.  Today, I found a link to an awesome and useful website called Now Do This.  It’s a free tool that anyone can use.  It gives you one thing to do at a time, and then when you’re done, you click the “done” button, and it gives you the next thing.  It has a few sample to-do items so you can see what it does, but you just go to “edit list” and put in your own tasks.  When you’ve completed all your tasks, it says “all done!”  It’s very simple, no ads, no graphics, just the current task in big letters, the small “done” button, and the “edit list” link.  It is a tool, there’s no other way to put it.  My current to-do list consists of a paper taped to the inside of my apartment door (a habit Becky and I started with post-it notes when we lived together, don’t know whose idea it was), and a steno notebook for work that is constantly lost or buried, or full of things that are not important or urgent distracting from those that are important and urgent.  I love Now Do This!  It’s simple, it makes you focus on the important, immediate things.  You can’t go on to the next until the current task is done, so you would only put tasks on the list that you need to…and are able to…complete today.  You would also have to mentally organize and prioritize before you make your list, so that doing the 2nd thing isn’t dependent upon having the 5th thing completed, you know?  I have got to remember this for next month when I go back to work!


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  1. Doris
    Jul 28, 2008 @ 13:38:57

    Another idea I have been exposed to and love is the idea of a “parking lot” for all thoses things that you want to get to but do not need to do right now. At work we have a lot of very large technology projects in the works that depend on the progress of other projects to keep on track. All of these work groups have developed the parking lot (or for some a parking ramp) for the important things that they can not do right now but will need to readdress as the other projects progress or as they have time if the item is less than critical to the project. I just love the idea of putting things into a parking lot for later and not having to keep them on my to do list.
    Love Doris


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