Summer Silliness

Okay, today my girlies finally reached a summer milestone!  (They’re not my girls, I just get to borrow them for 25 to 30 hours a week in the summer.)  Groovy is 14, Bookworm is 12, and Princess is 6.  No, their parents did not really give them those names!  I’ve renamed them to protect their privacy.  Why these names?  Well…Groovy and I have found some common ground this summer by dancing and listening to music.  Bookworm loves to read just as much as I did at the age of 12!  And Princess is obsessed with everything Disney, especially Cinderella.

The milestone was, they played, really played, for hours without adult interference!  These girls are typical kids of this day and age, scheduled to the max with camps and summer school, lessons, summer bridge workbooks, etc.  Not that any of those things are bad, but it’s really hard for these girls to solve their boredom on their own, because they never need to.  Last summer we never reached this point.  But today, sweethearts from next door came over to play, and got a whole plotline going with Groovy and Bookworm.  Princess, of course, wanted to be involved, so Bookworm roped her into…I mean, suggested…that Princess be the “intern.”  What does an intern do, Princess asks.  Well, says Bookworm, the intern has to do whatever we say, answer our phones, get us snacks, etc.  Haha.  How well I remember those days with my own brother and sisters!  Princess enthusiastically agrees, so I don’t interfere.

All five girls went down to the basement family room, and I stayed upstairs in the living room.  They were incredibly loud, active, and silly.  So I stayed upstairs to save my adult ears and to not stifle the groove they had going.  It’s so easy, as an adult, to want to go down there and settle an argument, or remind them about inside voices.  But letting them work things out on there own (keeping an ear for serious fights or dangerous or destructive ideas, of course) is so good for them!  They played without incident for 170 pages of a book, 1 sudoku puzzle, and a 20-minute power nap (through which I still heard all the silliness!) before I had to go have the girls clean up and finish their workbook pages before their dad got home.  That adds up to nearly the entire afternoon!

And that is how I spent nearly all of my summers at their age.  And those experiences were so valuable.  So I feel really good about what went on today!


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