I’m not much of a shoe person.  Not like some women.  I like shoes, and I have plenty of them, mind you, but they’re not my obsession.  The shoes aren’t usually the most interesting part of my outfit.  Sometimes, but not usually.  I would like to have a shoe closet like this someday.  Not a whole huge room like this, but maybe shelves that nicely display my shoes so I can see all my choices.  This picture, by the way, is apparently Mariah Carey’s shoe closet.

But I have to admit, a girl never forgets it when a boy compliments her shoes!  In High School Musical 2, Troy manages to get away from the very obnoxious Sharpay by saying “I love your shoes.  I really do.”  And then sneaking away while she gushes about her shoes.  In The American President, the president’s daughter advises him to compliment his date’s shoes because “Girls like that.”  So true.  Maybe it’s because I don’t expect anything from my shoes.  I suppose I expect a basic, “You look nice today,” once in awhile.  Maybe the occasional, “Wow, that dress looks great on you.”  When my shoes are complimented, it’s so unexpected and charming.  You feel like he took the time to get past your face and your figure and look for details.  You never forget when a man compliments your shoes!


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