Best Run Ever!

I accidentally ran 2.19 miles tonight.

You did what?  How do you accidentally run?  Here’s what happened.  I went to to decide where to go on a short run.  The route I mapped was 1.56 miles.  Perfect for me, at this level of fitness, on this evening.  Or so I thought.  I missed a turn, and ended up adding more than half a mile!  That may not sound like much to someone who runs a lot more than I do, but that added an extra 50% of my planned distance!

It turned out wonderfully!  This was the first time I’ve been running in my own neighborhood since I moved to this apartment.  It’s beautiful!  I’ve been avoiding it because there are no sidewalks on some of the streets, but that actually enhanced my run.  The streets with no sidewalks go along this nature preserve, and I almost felt like I was running along a country road.  And, there was barely any traffic!  Then, the streets with sidewalks wind through this beautiful neighborhood.  I never realized what lovely little houses there are around here!  And some very unique ones.  Plus, all the trees are blooming and everything just smells so good this time of year.  Then, it started sprinkling for a bit, which was nice and cool!  I didn’t even take my mp3 player, which is somewhat unusual for me.  But if every run were like this one, I’d throw the thing away!  Truthfully, I just get too “bogged down” carrying my keys, phone, and mp3 player.  But I am determined to figure out how to put music files on my phone, which is why I picked this one in the first place.  And I tied my keys to my shoe, which frees me from that obligation.

I think I could love to run.  I loved running tonight.  These days I can feel that I’m lugging around a little extra ass and hips!  🙂  At least compared to what would make me a healthy weight for running.  Running would be a little easier if I could lighten up a bit.  So would ultimate frisbee, yoga, carrying my groceries up to the third floor, and everything else.  At the same time, the way I feel right now, I refuse to get bummed out about body issues!  I ran!  I can do it!  I ran a 5K last weekend, and I ran a regular, run of the mill, daily run tonight.  And it felt GREAT!  If I am always running with all this extra ass and hips, so be it, I still want to run!


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