Seattle, part 3

Later that day, we went to see the Space Needle.

The views were amazing!

A beautiful skyline.

We then went to Millenium Park, which was right by the Space Needle.

Day 4 of our adventure was Sunday, and we started the day by going to the Fremont Sunday Market.  It was this incredible gathering of merchants and artisans.  Lots of handmade items to look at and buy.  I bought some handmade soap, which I loved and used up very quickly!  I also bought a glass and metal dragonfly, which now hangs in my bedroom window.

Sarah bought a hat.  🙂

We had lunch in the Fremont neighborhood, and we were sitting at the little cafe wondering what to do with our afternoon.  The cafe had a big wall of flyers and posters, and one of them advertised a Shakespeare in the park performance, so we saw…The Taming of the Shrew?  Sarah?  Megan?  I can’t remember exactly what play it was.  It was a comedy, not a tragedy.  In any case, it was excellent.

Coming up…On Day 5 we experienced Bainbridge Island!


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