Seattle, part 1

Finally finishing the 2007 vacation series…The second vacation was to Seattle with my sisters Sarah and Megan.  We decided to drive instead of fly, and drive straight through instead of staying overnight somewhere.  It is about 23 or 24 hours of driving, and it was quite an adventure!


Megan starts the trip with a nap.


Into Iowa!  (Again, for Sarah and Megan…and a daily occurance for me…not the most exciting part of the trip…)


A few states later…Idaho!  I completely missed it the first time, because it was in the wee hours, and I was taking my turn to sleep.  I don’t think I opened my eyes at all in Idaho, and every time I came to a little bit of wakefulness, Sarah and Megan were driving around a parking lot, I swear!  We got in the habit of stopping for maps and tourist info, and I’m sure they also stopped for a bathroom break and coffee here and there.  I must have just woken up at the feeling of more irregular movement, and slept through all the constant interstate travel.  But when I finally woke up for good, I was sure we had gone about 20 miles since the last time I had opened my eyes…and instead, we were in Washington!

scenic overlook

My turn to drive, and I woke up the other girlies halfway across the state to get out and enjoy the scenic overlook…and the different climate!  It was in the 60s when we got out of the car.  (…Which may not sound like a big deal today, but we were coming from humid 90s!)  And as you can see, the land was more golden than green.  So beautiful!

snoqualmie national forest

And then another unscheduled stop…we decided to take our time and stop to see Snoqualmie National Forest.  It was such a pleasant little surprise in the trip.  I was thinking Seattle, water, ferries, city, islands.  I didn’t consider the joy of mountains in the middle of the vacation!


We took a little hike to see a waterfall.  It was lovely.  (Have you ever seen a waterfall that was not lovely?) 

I will leave you hanging in suspense, and introduce you to Seattle tomorrow!


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