Painting My Toes


 I am loving this new habit of finding pictures that compliment whatever I’m writing about!!!  🙂

Mike totally called me on something last night.  In the Protestant lingo, I’ve been convicted.  (If you speak the Catholic lingo, try not to think of me in jail for a crime!)  What I mean by that is, a light has been shined on something I didn’t realize was a problem.  I agreed to participate in the washing of the feet on Thursday, where the priest washes the feet of a group of people to symbolize Jesus washing the feet of his disciples.  In my mind, it’s something that men do, not women.  In the farming community church where I grew up, the dads and brothers who were old enough got their feet washed, not the moms or sisters!  It was never an issue, like the women couldn’t do it.  We just didn’t.  So my friend Kathy, who is also participating, suggested that she and I go get a pedicure on Thursday, to make it feel like a more girly thing to do.

I told Mike about this plan, and he asked me if I was going to have my toes painted.  I said, of course!  Why would I get a pedicure and not have my toes painted?  Not only that, but why would I show my feet in public without painted toes?  If I wear sandals, my toes are painted.  All summer.  Mike’s point was that it’s a symbolic religious ceremony, and more than that, a symbol of our Savior’s humility, and he didn’t think it was appropriate to pretty up your feet for that occasion.  Of course I immediately came back with my rebelious nature, explaining how I wasn’t painting my toes to make my feet more attractive, I was just painting my toes to…  And I couldn’t think of how to finish that thought.  I continued to rebel for a few minutes, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that I do paint my toes to make my feet more attractive.

There is such a fine line between dressing to look your best and dressing to attract.  Klutz that I am, I think I cross it more often than I realize.  Is it wrong to paint your toes?  No, I don’t think so.  The real question is, why am I painting my toes?  Why do I wear the jewelry that I wear?  Why do I choose the clothes that I choose?  I am used to the mentality that guys want girls who look the most attractive, and that interviewers choose employees who look the best, and even that girls choose friends based upon what they look like.  I know that in most cases, the second and third statements aren’t true.  But I don’t presume to know how guys think!  And I’ve mostly acted like a guy will look first at what I look like, and later at who I am, but only if I pass the first test of what I look like.  I no longer really think that’s true.  At least not with the good ones like my friends and Mike!  But I still act like I want to attract people with what I look like.  It is a fine line between choosing clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc., with the motive of attracting people and with the motive of looking healthy and put together.  A lot of times, I would probably end up with the same outfit, same jewelry, whatever.  But it is the motive that God cares about.

Besides which, men don’t need help to find themselves attracted to women.  And vice versa.  That’s the way it is with us human types.  For me to use that element of human nature to attempt to get what I want…I think that’s wrong.  I will get a pedicure, and I will probably get my toes painted clear or something neutral like that beautiful picture up there.  And, I will probably paint my toes fun colors of red and pink all summer long.  But I know from now on I will be examining why I choose the nail polish, why I choose the clothes, etc.

Poor Mike!  He knows me well enough to know that he can usually get a good argument out of me, and I ended up agreeing with him!  🙂


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  1. Doris
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 14:02:51

    Why can’t this come under loving myself enough to do it just like house work? Most people do not look at feet and judge if a person is attractive so it is mostly for self not for others.


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