Some thoughts from Bible study…

If we truly believed that the bread and wine was the body and blood of Christ, if we truly believed that God is IN THAT bread and wine, we would be so excited to go to mass.  We would be 100% present in what was going on there.  We would not be able to get enough.

“Lord, I believe.  Help my unbelief.”  We do not have the capacity to understand God.  We do not have the capacity to believe with all our hearts.  God understands, and He is here to heal the part of us that cannot believe.

The way to true happiness is to accept the will of God.  Then, no matter what happens to us, no matter how difficult the situation, we can be happy knowing that it is God’s will, and God’s plan is always better than our own “great ideas” for our lives.  We can always jump back into God’s hand of His will, after we’ve tried to make our lives better with our own “great ideas.”  It is a matter of accepting that His plan may not be for reasons we understand; it is a matter of trusting him with our lives.

Henry, the former-preacher-turned-believer-again in Love’s Long Journey, said to Sonny, the theif-turned-repentant who had been shot and was dying:  “Long ago, there was a theif left on a cross to die, just like you.  But then he heard the glorious words of the Lord about redemption.  And he knew that very day, he would be in paradise.  He’s waiting for you.”  There is nothing too big, or too late, for Jesus to redeem.


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