A few joys of the past few days:

1. Motivated by my own writing, I engaged in some of those healthy habits this weekend.  I ate things that were good for me, I went to the gym, I enjoyed a bit of sunshine.  I also went to mass, which I count as meditation.  And, I did not take any diet drugs or visit a western medical professional.  🙂

2. I was in the “poking around” mood at Goodwill yesterday, and after trying on a heap of clothes I ended up buying $40 worth.  That translated as one pair of pants, five sweaters, and one top.  And since I consider brand names for the sake of quality when shopping at Goodwill, I’m guessing it would have been around $230-$250 if I had bought these items full price at the mall.  Yay for my closet, yay for my bank account! 

3. This morning at church was the 10th anniversary of the dedication of the church building.  As a way to celebrate, everyone was invited to “venerate” the altar during mass, which basically means go up and touch it.  It was such a touching thing to do.  I suppose I could go up and put my hand on the altar whenever I wanted to, but it’s not something that occurs to me to do.  That’s like sacred space, for the business of communion, for the business of the priest, not for regular people like me.  The traditions of my faith are so important to me, and the altar is the central symbol of that.  In fact, they turned down the lights except for a little bit of light for the choir so that we could see our music, and a central spotlight on the altar.  It was especailly meaningful to watch all the little kids put their hand on the altar.  Jesus is for all of us, not just those of us who have reached the magical age of first communion, or confirmation, or those who have committed their life to priesthood.

4. At the grocery store today, I found something called “pastry flour,” which is whole wheat flour ground fine enough to use in the place of regular refined flour.  My mom used to use it sometimes, but I hadn’t seen it since.  I tried making chocolate chip cookies with it, and they turned out beautifully.  Another example of eating something that’s good for me.

5. On Friday night I saw Dan In Real Life, which I thought was great.  Even the title…”in real life”…it’s stuck in my head.  More and more, I don’t want to be the perfect speciman of womanhood that we see portrayed in the media.  I want to be just myself, the real version, the one who might be imperfect, but who is unlike anyone else in the world.  It’s ironic that a movie reinforces that desire.  🙂  But it’s that kind of movie, with people who aren’t perfect specimans of the human form, portraying characters who aren’t perfect examples of personality and career and success.  Think of The Family Stone, Catch & Release, Stranger Than Fiction, In the Land of Women.  I love that kind of movie.


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  1. Tara
    Feb 03, 2008 @ 16:59:54

    And…..we finally got to catch up a bit!!! Hopefully we’ll see each again soon! LOVE YOU and have a GRRRREAT week!


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