Unexpected Health Tips

Have you ever noticed that you believe the points of view that you like?  That you will agree with the side that you would most enjoy?  I know I certainly do.  I recently came across the Health Ranger website.  He has a list of health tips, a few of which are pretty unexpected:

Exercise regularly: some form of cardio at least three times a week!

I think everyone would agree that this is a good health tip.  I like that he puts it first!  I certainly notice that I barely get sick at all when I’m in a solid routine of exercising.

Drink lots of water, it’s mother nature’s most versatile medicine

Once again, not too many would disagree.

Get 6-9 hours of sleep daily

Another no-brainer.


Ah, now we’re getting a little unexpected.  My absolute favorite form of meditation is what I think of as the “Catholic version.”  Saying the rosary, or responding along to the mass that we’ve heard since we were infants is both calming and nurturing, to our souls and our bodies.

Buy locally grown, organic goods, preferably in season, as often as you can

I totally agree, although this is a hard one to follow.  Not too much locally grown organic produce in the midwest at the end of January!  🙂

Nutritional supplements: whole food supplements, organic vitamins, Standard Process tablets, Alive! supplements, vitamin C

This one I currently don’t agree with.  For the most part, I think we should get our nutrients from actual food, not supplements.  Aren’t supplements and vitamins just chemicals, synthetic vitamins and minerals?  How can that be good for us?

Rainforest herbs: Amazon herbs, chanca piedra, etc.


Enjoy one hour of full exposure to intense natural sunlight on a near-daily basis with no sunscreen (important for vibrational nutrition and essential for mental health, bone density, vitamin D production, etc.)

Just one thought…YAY!!!!  Despite my fair skin, I think deep down I’m a beach babe.  🙂  In the winter I dream about sunshine and warm weather. 

Take absolutely no prescription drugs or pharmaceuticals whatsoever

For the most part, great!  In my personal experience there hasn’t been too many times when the benefits outweighed the side effects.  Lots of times, I’m taking an antibiotic doing something my body would do on it’s own eventually.

No visits to M.D.s or western medical doctors (visit naturopathic physicians only)

They certainly won’t poke my finger, give me a shot, insert an IV, or draw blood if I don’t show up, right???  🙂

No following the USDA’s ridiculous Food Guide Pyramid

After a deeper investigation into the Health Ranger website, I am on board with this one to some extent.  A person does not need meat or dairy to be nutritionally healthy, although if you choose to eat those foods they can certainly fit into a healthy diet.  I also agree that the food pyramid is misleading by implying that our diet should be based on grains.  Until it is more common to find a whole grain food than a refined grain food, this is VERY unhealthy, in my opinion!  If all or most of our grains were whole, I think it would be harmless for the most part, but I think it would be best to have a diet based on fruits and vegetables. 

No steroids, andro supplements or other questionable bodybuilding supplements


No diet pills, stimulants or fat burning pills

Of course not! 

No fad dieting.

THANK YOU!  I love this movement that says diets don’t work.  Theoretically, a person could go from unhealthy habits, to a diet to get their health under control, to a life of healthy habits.  The truth is, it doesn’t happen that way.  A diet feels temporary, and when you give up or you reach your goal, it’s so easy to go back to the old habits because the temporary period of restriction is over.  The key, I think, is to educate yourself on what healthy eating and activity looks like, and then build healthy habits one step at a time.

To be fair, I think this guy is pretty extreme.  Balance is important.  Obviously one should see a doctor if one has been in a car accident.  And wouldn’t it be better to eat fresh produce that is not organic and was grown in South America than to not eat fresh produce at all?  And while whole grain bread offers more nutrients, fiber, and less opportunity to cause the changes that lead to diabetes, sometimes it’s not an option.  Sometimes it might be a meal that’s mostly fruits and veggies, some whole grains, and a little bit of the protein of your choosing, but other times you’ll just make the best choice you can at Burger King.  We should make the best choice possible in the situation in front of us.  That is all.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Doris
    Jan 29, 2008 @ 07:00:30

    It comes down to “Do the right thing” Just like you teach everyday. I remember hearing from Andrew’s preschool teacher, so many times as little spats would emerge over toys or tools in Preschool, “Are you going to do the right thing or the wrong thing.” It was presented with the right hand for the right thing and the left hand for the wrong thing and always dirrectly to the child faced with the delema. Everytime they chose the right thing. If we just always remember to look for the right thing in personal habits, interactions, and other common everyday situations we would all be healthier in many ways. Now just to follow my own advice.
    Love you,


  2. Joan
    Jan 30, 2008 @ 10:40:30

    I agree with your view of diets. I am trying, I have a long way to go.
    Love you always Joan/Grandma


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