Las Vegas, part 2

hoover dam sign  Our second day in Las Vegas began with a trip to the Hoover Dam.

 hoover dam

hoover dam north

On the dam, looking upstream to Lake Mead.

hoover dam south

Now we’ve crossed the highway and we’re looking downstream.

suspension bridge

This is the beginning of a huge suspension bridge that they are building over the river.  Apparently people can’t really use the highway for driving anywhere, because it is such a tourist attraction.  This bridge will be for people who need to commute from Arizona to Nevada efficiently.

the vacationers

Look at that weather!!!

dam statue

This monument honors the people who sacraficed their safety and in some case their lives for this project.

dam dog

We had lunch at the dam.  Blake had a “Dam Dog.”  🙂

lake mead 2

After the dam, we stopped at a scenic place overlooking Lake Mead.  The photo above is my absolute favorite view of the sky and the water and the land.  The world was so BIG from that view.  There was so much air and sunshine.  The water was just as colorful in person as it is in the photo.

lake mead 1

becky slots

The first thing we did when we got home from our day trip was to spend a little time in our own casino.  We had played some at the other casinos last night, but we hadn’t spent much time in the Luxor other than sleeping.  We didn’t want to miss out!

fremont street

After we had our fill of the Luxor, it was off to Fremont Street.  This is the area of Las Vegas that is the original strip.  It is such a different atmosphere from the strip with the newer hotels.  Actually, it reminded me more of the Las Vegas from my imagination…tacky decorations, lights, girls in crazy costumes working at the casinos. 

tall drinks

Oh, and HUGE drinks!  Yummy!

blake loves beer 

There were huge drinks for the boys as well.  Blake loves his beer!

 tacky casino

Note the carpet, the old chairs, and the Mardi Gras beads.

crazy night

We got a bit crazy on the walk home!  🙂

Pictures from our last day coming soon…


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